Lots of Stuttering and Dropouts with AirPlay

I have a late 2012 Mac mini i5, 2.5 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, 56(ish) GB SSD, only half full, with a 1 TB Firewire Drive. No problems on system connected to mini. I have two airplay zones. Both stutter. The Apple TV 3 is worse than the B&W Zeppelin with airplay. Both do it though. They used to play perfectly but for the last couple of months or more it’s gotten progressively worse until it’s almost unlistenable. Router is a netgear n300 wnr 2000 v2. Would a new router solve this or are there other things I should consider?

Have you tried to hardwire those zones ? If so, does it help ?

I don’t think you can hardware an Apple TV, and hardwiring a portable speaker defeats the purpose.

I don’t think you can hardware an Apple TV

Yes you can, it has RJ45 port. B&W Zeppelin also has it.

hardwiring a portable speaker defeats the purpose.

This is a temporary measure, I just want to understand whether WiFi is at fault here.

I’m not sure I can easily do it. The house isn’t wired with Ethernet. We’ve already bought a google router set. If it doesn’t fix things we’ll try Ethernet to the Apple TV.

The Google Router may help. An 11n router is theoretically fast enough to handle Airplay streams fine but the processor inside probably cannot handle having too many items going.

Did you get the Mesh router or the Onhub?

We got the mesh router. We actually got a set of three.

Excellent. I’ve had good luck recommending the Google Wifi setup. I had Airplay issues as well when using on aging Time Capsule. It was mainly a range issue and a bit of the processor. I went with a Mesh setup and things did improve.