Lots of uncategorized genres

Can t see any genres, but if I edit the album it as the custom lab created by me.

Vasco Vaz

can you provide more information about your situation?

Ok after some digging , my custom genres appear under Roon “uncategorized” genres :

Genres > Uncategorized > Bach - Harpischord (this is one of my custom genre)

I was after a system were I could click on genres and my custom genres (or tags) will popup ; something like

Genres > “custom genre”.

The route Genres > Uncategorized >“custom genre” as the disadvantage that if I use focus I see all the files under the same genres " Uncategorized " (see pics below).

I wanted to use the “focus” to show me me own genres , and them I wll pick one.

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@Vasco_Machado_Vaz: you can categorize them! visit the genre from sidebar -> genres -> uncategorized -> genre, and hit the pencil to edit, then set the parent genre (or make it toplevel).

if you also want to map your file genres to roon genres, so you get descriptions and whatever else), then you can just visit settings -> setup -> genre mapping