Loud 'pop' noise beginning new track DSD Native [ALSA fix in 4.10 kernel, DietPi Patch]

After updating to 4.10.0-rc6 from Debian experimental this morning, pops are indeed gone again. Not yet compatible with the current proprietary nvidia driver though.

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Thanks @Wakajazz and @lorin,

Dropping a flag for @brian and noting in particular Lorin’s news that the ALSA patch above seems to be incorporated in the 4.10 kernel (recent Stretch version).

The 4.10 kernel is actually still in the experimental repository, but it is definitely available for the adventurous.

On Arch I was able to simply paste the snippet of code into the usb sound part of the Linux kernel (sound/usb/endpoint.c if you’re looking at the source from Arch Build System.) Not necessary though as I’m sure for Archers out there the 4.10 will be available shortly.

Patching the currently available, stable 4.9 kernel for Debian Stretch is turning out to be a bit more involved than a cut and paste job … I’m a dabbler though, I have a very superficial understanding of how the Linux audio system works, heh.

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I got the 4.10 kernel installed on my NAA. HQPlayer network playback is pop-free now too.

It’s worth mentioning that if the stereo is “live” when booting up, there’s still a very loud pop when sound is initialized so … protect your neck :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @lorin ,

I found the pull request from Takashi Iwai to Linus Torvalds for the 4.10 kernel confirming the patch is indeed in the 4.10 kernel, released 19 February. It may not be the only pop but it’s good to see this one bumped on the head.

Did you do to get native dsd256 to work? Can’t get native working with my c47 with the same dac.

I don’t have any DSD256 recordings, but up to DSD128 I don’t have any issues.

That’s odd because I don’t get Native DSD as an option at all. Just DSD DOP up to DSD128.