Loud 'popping' noise when changing from PCM to DSD

Hello. I’ve been experiencing an issue with a loud ‘pop’, anytime I move from a DSD track (while the track is playing) to an PCM file. I am Running Roon with all DSP bypassed, and also tried to adjust the ‘resync delay’ setting from ), all the way to 2000 ms, without any improvement.

I’m running Roon Core on my main Win7 Pro workstation (dual Xeon hexcore machine with 128 GB of RAM) direct via Ethernet (no HQ player for now) to Sonore UltraRendu (in RoonReady Mode) > Singxer SU-1 > Denafrips Terminator DAC via I2S (HDMI). Everything plays just fine, but this loud pop very annoying, and I am reluctant to connect the DAC to my amp & speakers, until I can get this resolved. To this point, I’ve just been running the DAC to my HD600 headphones while breaking-in for a week…

Almost certainly, your DAC is causing the format switching transient internally. If so, Roon cannot prevent it. You may have to avoid mixed format playback queue.


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Exactly. Some DACs do this when switching between PCM and DSD (or vice versa), especially if you’re using “native” DSD (not DoP).

Mine does it just a little bit (i.e., a soft click) but I avoid it because I resample everything to DSD512 anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you. The DAC manufacturer confirmed this is a known issue, and hopefully this will get resolved.