Lovely PS Audio thread on directionality of audiophile fuses

I thought some of you might get a chuckle out of this. This thread on directionality of audiophile fuses on the PS Audio forums has the usual hands-off response of “listen yourself, different people report different results” from the PS Audio folks.

And then there’s this:



This has been around for decades 2009 as an example

I find penne pasta tastes better if I align each north to south before pouring over the sauce. The tomatoes have a deeper flavour, the way the pasta fills the bowl is almost three dimensional and don’t get me started on the inky blackness!


That’s obviously related to magnetic north. :grin:

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I am sure that there are some that will argue that True North gives higher highs and lower lows than magnetic north. My Wife argues that the influence of the compass that I use to align the pasta makes my observations invalid :rofl:

The accelerated drifting of magnetic north has made me move away from my previous acetate Pastatractor TM to a GPS aligned laser grid for my penne. Fusilli are continuing to prove a challenge as the spirals create their own flux and the iron chokes used to counteract that are choking the children.

There in lies your problem … Neodymium is the way to go or if you are made of money Samarium.

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How do you get the spaghetti straight ?

Thankfully I gave up pasta far too technical

Squid Ink.

It’s not so much the straightening that’s a pain it’s the family complaining that their food is cold as I have to test each strand for directionality.

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First World problems! :rofl: