Low memory errors and crashing on Windows

Sorry to reopen an old thread, but I seem to be having this problem as well. Enjoying music when I got a popup from windows to close roon because of low memory problems. After closing and restarting computer, same problem would occur again repeatedly.

Began monitoring memory in task manager, tldr; commit charge on ram ramps up to ~90-95%, then everything crashes and becomes unresponsive. I’ve installed 32gb ram, this should not be an issue? Posted screenshots of the task manager below. This occurred within a span of ~5 minutes.

Gigabyte 990FXAUD3 R5
AMD FX8350
Samsung EVO 500GB

Thank you for your time. Love the interface by the way, and the integration with tidal is superb. Love that i can listen to tidal and my flac files at the same time.

5 minutes is awfully quick. How large is your library?

Hi Brian,

~750 tidal songs, 130 native flac files, ~900 total.

Wanted to add that upon closing, committed memory during shutdown was 87/89GB total, according to task manager.

Hey @Brandon_Dong – can you zip up your logs folder and post a Dropbox link here? You can find information on finding your logs here.

If you don’t have Dropbox, let me know and we’ll send you some instructions for uploading the zip of your logs directly to us.


Hopefully this is of some use, and not an old solution or not relevant…but…I was having the same issue when I installed Roon on my windows PC with the full Roon software running as the Core and the Control. I decided to:

  1. Backup the Roon database
  2. Uninstall fully including settings etc when prompted.
  3. Install the Roon Server
  4. Install the full Roon software, but when asked, say that I want to connect to an existing Roon server (The one running as the Core on the same PC)., Resulting in running the full Roon windows software as control only
  5. Restore the Roon DB.

This was just this weekend, but I am noticing much less memory usage, and with this setup you can close the Roon software and the Server continues to run. If the main windows Roon software starts chewing up memory, I can just close it and the Server continues to run, INCLUDING still outputting the music to my system connected to the PC. I guess in this configuration the Roon Server is what is managing using the PC as an endpoint, so the full Roon software is truly only a Controller. Also, it looks like the Roon Server only uses 200-300 mb, at least so far. Pretty cool. Hope this helps.

Dropbox link included below.

Thanks for your time mike.

I’ll try what you said about the Roon server, Kenneth. Thanks.

Edit: Tried your suggestion Ken. Still no good, 100% committed memory + 91/91gb committed memory.

Dang, sorry it didn’t work for you.

That’s okay, appreciate the help.

Back to using tidal program for now, so not all is lost ;_;