Low resolution icons and sub-standard visuals on iOS

A couple of grating cosmetic problems on Roon for iOS which have been a couple of years without resolution.

Low res gear icon and hamburger icon:


Low res on every icon here except the Apple TV one:


Low res and the mic icon on track 21 is overlapped by text:


The Mac app has high res image assets, can the assets on the iPad/iPhone be updated?

Or just use an SVG image set for all icons and have no more resolution problems?

One would hope, that’s what I do at least in my web apps.

Hi @Leon_Roy,

We appreciate the report! Can you verify what iOS device(s) you are using?

Oh hey, you guys work weekends? :grin:

I’m using an iPhone XS (regular size) but pretty sure I’d see the issue on my 6S Plus as well. Can confirm on the latter if you want, have it somewhere.

Hi @Leon_Roy,

Thanks again for your report. I have created a ticket and have asked QA to take a closer look but I can’t make any promises on when or if these icons will be updated.

– Noris

Thanks @noris - fingers and toes crossed you guys get time to fix this :crossed_fingers:

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