Low resolution images for artists

When browsing on the artist section of “collections” all images look very pixelated on my retina macbook pro. Since metadata and presentation is very important in Roon I find it odd that browsing in this section is so unattractive. Strangely the default pictures shown when no artist picture is found by Roon (then ones with microphones and such) do look nice on the retina display…

mind sharing a screenshot of the whole app on that screen in PNG format?

you should see it below…I hope :smile:

also “discover” has this, even worse

Hi Danny
Suspect that is very similar to our previous discussions about using the large image file for Cover Art …but using the 256 pixel version in the Browser

Same Artefacts etc

Hi Danny,

I’ve provided 2 screenshots but have not received any further info regarding these low res images. Will there be any update on this issue?


As @Ronnie pointed out, we have been working on this … its a balancing act between memory usage and quality.

We will nail it soon :smile:

In a update that will be released soon (today), there is a option for smaller covers/photos – let me know if that helps at all with the artist browser.

We have a fix for the big images in discover, hoping to get that out to you guys next week.

Hi Danny,

If this option has the same effect as scaling the retina screen resolution to “more space” so it will look like a 1680x1050 screen…then yes it would make a big difference as then there are 3 rows io 2 and the pictures do look sharp

Hope it’s OK I revive this topic. This issue still hasn’t been fixed. The genres section too is entirely low-res: