LP cataloguing software?

Anyone have recommendations for the best LP cataloguing software? (Integration with Roon is not the question.)

discogs.com is what I use on PC and Android. Just register (it’s free) and use the Collection tool to catalog your own collection (using your phone barcode reader is very useful in adding albums). You can also check your collection on your phone when buying albums.


Yep, discogs for me too. I also have an Excel spreadsheet where I note other stuff, such as whether or not I’ve cleaned the LP.


Without a shadow of a doubt it’s Discogs.
Nothing else even comes close.

Plus if you get the temptation to buy a few extra…well it’s an all in one stop app😉


As a possible alternative to discogs, there’s Music Connect.
Disclaimer: I don’t use either of these, but I do use Book Connect, which is another product in the Collectorz.com stable.