LSX LS50W or LS50W2

Some background info. I don’t stream because of where I live. Extensive on premises music music collection. Roon Core on an i7 NUC. Dedicated music room for critical listening. TV room has 5.1 set up with in-walls and in ceiling, AV Reciver, etc. Couple of RPi4 around the house, Sonos Connects to outdoor/deck/living room, etc.

So I’m currently running a single Sonos One SL in a dedicated work space. I’m spending so much time there that I started thinking about a 2nd Sons one to pair them for stereo…then I started to look around and found a good deal on two used Gen 1 Sonos Play 5s. Then I thought why no see what other small, active bookshelf-ish things might be out there. You see where this is going. More and bigger/better like most things audio in our lives.

I’ve seem to come to the conclusion that some sort of KEF active bookshelf might be a cool fork in the road to travel down. But open to other ideas anyone might have.

I don’t want to set up a mini-system in my office. So a small pre/amp/passive speakers are out. Self contained is the goal. No plans to ever connect them to TV or sub, this would just be a low volume work set up. But used probably more hours a week than any other devices in my house.

My head tells me the LSX should do the trick. But used/open box LS50W can be had for about the same price of LSX new. My heart says buy the latest and greatest LS50W 2…but I they won’t be my primary speakers in something like a living room or great room. Also read about Roon “problems” with LS50W2, but honestly have not looked into that very closely.

Can’t I just throw a RPi4 with Ropieee at any one of these via the USB input to get fully Roon goodness? Or is there something I’m missing here by not getting Roon Ready, Roon Tested or whatever it is called directly to the future KEF’s? Obviously I’m missing the finer details or nuance here.

Anyone care to tell me which way I should go and why? Any and all input appreciated.

Take a look at the Elac Discovery Z3. It is a Self contained one box Roon Ready solution. Currently 399.00 on the Elac website. I have 2, Bedroom/office and Kitchen. Worth a look.

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Interesting, not on my radar. Thanks. I think…can’t really say way…I want two speakers to put on either side of my desk/work space with two 24" computer monitors. I like the ides of positioning the speakers on either side of work environment. Sort of a nearfield, studio monitor thing. Though I’m not doing any music studio type of work :upside_down_face:

I use a RPi with IQAudIO digiamp+ hat works great. Do the same I’m my bedroom with a 7” display added for clock/what’s playing duty. Speakers of your own choosing.

Understandable. For me, being deaf on the right side, I had to put both Stereo speakers on the left side anyway so it was a good solution for me.

I had a similar dilemma, but I also wanted to play my tv through them and so adding a second Sonos was a no go. Thought the LSX would be an upgrade enough. However, you know, FOMO and all… Got the LS50W 2, no regrets…


Another Heart not Head/Wallet guy. I’m leaning that way, but don’t think I should. Looking for someone to talk me off the ledge.

Seriously, any issues with Roon? I’ve only scratched the surface.

The LS50 W (either gen) are on the bigger end as desk speakers so check to make sure they won’t overwhelm your space. If I had a bigger desk and was in your position I’d go for the LS50 WII (because why not if money isn’t a concern). The LS50 WII aren’t Roon Ready yet (though KEF is claiming that new firmware will drop soon) so do your research to make sure there isn’t any functionality that you absolutely need and that you’ll be comfortable with the “promise” of coming soon.

My desk is on the smaller side so I went with a single Naim QB2 and I’m very happy with it. I have the LS50W (gen 1) and like it so I considered the LSX for my desk but I really wanted roon ready functionality to be able to pair with my other speakers.

I was in a very similar position until about a week ago.

LSX were on top of my list, bedroom/desk environment, small foot print … But they are (in my opinion) end of life and I imagine will be replaced with some LSX Meta in a few months. It does not make them a bad product, but I felt I might as well go for bigger sound (might move them to a bigger room at some point so it gives me options)

So I just got the WII.
I too wanted to get a raspberry pi with a hat, but apparently a new firmware is a month away.

Clearly I need to buy stands (KEF S2 or Isoacoustics 155) !!! But having them at ear level is a must !

Anyhow, no regrets here !

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Ah, good point. My main listen room never gets grouped together. But throughout the house I often do group the Sonos in my office with the Kitchen (even deck if the weather is nice) so as I go back and forth I hear the same thing. I forgot that in order to group them together the group in question has to be of the same Roon-ness.

Would you even need a hat? Rpi4 with Ropieee is how I feed my “real” DAC. Can’t you just go RPi to the USB input on LSX/LSW/LSW2? What am I not getting here?

At least the stands are the same color as speakers. I’m really digging the Ti/Red combo. Any thoughts there to the group?

No USB on the LSW2 :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for pointing that out. Wonder why the Tsolink optical and coax input but not USB.

What is the general consensus on if/when KEF and Roon just work? That is you plug in the network cable and you are done. Will happen just a matter of time or we think/hope it is coming?

It’s already working !

I unpacked mine, and Roon saw them right away as a chromecast device.

I’m still a bit new to Roon, but isn’t RAAT what you need to do everything Roon is capable of. I really don’t care a bout the Sonos devices throughout my house, not really critical listening AND best of all they can be groped to themselves because they are all the “same” in Roon’s eyes. So my Bedroom, Kitchen, Deck, Pool area can al be in “party mode”.

I’ll lose that in the office if I go KEF, but not a big deal. I would however like the KEF’s be be in the RAAT world if paying that much money.

Isn’t Chrome Cast akin to Sonos and air play; in that each of those “like things” can be grouped to others like themselves but not to others (Chrome Cast to Air Play). And none are using RAAT.

Here is what I see as the explanation as to why I can’t make my “real” DAC group with Sonos…again I’m cool with that. I just think I’d want the KEFs to be fully RAAT-a-fied.


If you want to group with other RAAT devices you need to wait until next firmware , I was just replying to the “if/when KEF and Roon just work” part :slight_smile:

I was in the same boat, the fact a new firmware is coming out made me go for it

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I think I got it.

Today it works just plugging in to network…but not as a RAAT device. Firmware IS coming not an IF so eventually LS50W II will need nothing more for it to show up as a RAAT device. Correct?

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Yes, you got it.
…and USB was replaced with HDMI, which for me was great as I connect to TV…

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You made the right choice - I have LSXs in my bedroom and LS50WII in my living room, and as nice as the LSXs are, you’re really in for a treat with the LS50WII. Enjoy!

Not pulled the trigger yet. I’m wanting the 2s but thinking the LSW50 might be the smart choice as these are not in any way primary listening. Still…

When you consider they are the DAC and amp in addition to the speakers. More easy to justify the price. That said, I’ve always been a separates guy. Not typically a fan of do it all. In this case I want less space, wires, etc