Lumin Amp - any owners care to share their thoughts?

Looking from feedback from owners, please. Even better if you have an X1 directly connected.

Anyone??? :slightly_smiling_face:

Me. I use this combo.



I don’t use the Lumin app often, mainly because I dislike the way to feed the playlist. I do like the pure Lumin sound though.

Lumin AMP is a class AB power amp.

Ow, sorry need glasses.

I am also interested in the Lumin amp.
I might get one from my dealer for a home demo next week.
In that case I will compare it with my Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse amp, which is directly connected to the Lumin X1.

I have the Amp together with an X1, linked directly via XLR.
Volume control is Leedh-processing without Preamp, using hardware volume control with a Surface Dial and the extension by @DrCWO.
Speakers are Magnepan 3.7.

Well, what can I say …
I have never enjoyed a system as much as this!

Do you have any specific questions I can answer about the combo?


This sounds very promising especially because it can drive your electrostatic speakers well.
I have ML Montis speakers and was concerned about the Lumin’s capability in that regard.

Did you have a differenet amp with these Magnepan’s before?
My Aesthetix is a hybrid amp and works very well with the X1 without preamp (Leedh-processing) but I was told that the Lumin has higher resolution without any harshness, maybe an even better match with the X1…

The Lumin Amp does not break a sweat no matter what kind of music I play.
I does get noticeably warm after an extended session at high volume, though, but not excessively so.

I have no experience with your amplifier, but I was using Bel Canto Ref 1000 monoblocks before the Lumin. I really liked them too and was actually expecting to not hold on to the Lumin (and save a bundle of money …), but no way:
The Lumin clearly sounds better!
Listening to the system is hard to believe that is is all digital …
Well, I can’t really describe sounds in words, but the effect was really obvious.


Thanks for your feedback, now you made me even more curious about the Lumin amp :slight_smile:

Very curious here too. Any chance Lumin AMP owners would like to renew this thread with additional listening impressions and opinions?

I will be happy to, but being only two days into it, I have let it burn-in. I will say that the build is exceptional and looks terrific with X1. And the footprint is modest, which is important to me. I traded in a Pass Labs amp mostly because it was huge.

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Thank you Peter. Please update as it burns-in. I would appreciate your input.

Peter, is the amp broken in yet? How is it sounding?

Hi Randy,

First, break-in is REAL. It’s been 4 weeks today, and the SQ gets better and better.

What I hear from the Amp so far is neutrality, speed, and total control. The soundstage is vast and holographic.

I adore it.


Thanks for the update. Are you running the AMP on a preamp or are you connecting it to a dac/streamer? Like it better than the Pass?

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