Lumin Firmware Changes and RAAT

Firmware 10.2 integrates RAAT 1.1.28.

MQA DAC-side correction for A1 / T1 / D1 / D2 is improved.

For playback of MQA music, signal path may show an unknown filter - this will become meaningful with a future release of Roon.

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It was made to conform to the MQA feature in Roon 1.5.

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Just as Roon Build 334 integrates the latest MQA decoder library, Lumin Firmware 11.0 integrates the latest MQA decoder library as well, along with the latest Spotify Connect SDK. The benefit is that it further improves the MQA Rendering in both sound and signal path reporting when Lumin MQA capabilities is configured as “Renderer Only” in Roon.

People are starting to get MQA CD from Japan. We fixed an issue with decoding MQA inside Apple Lossless (ALAC) for those who rip MQA CD using iTunes to Apple Lossless. AIFF, FLAC, WAV had no issue.

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Last week we received an e-mail from Roon Labs, they recommend that partner manufacturers upgrade to RAAT 1.1.31.

So today’s firmware upgrade for some models include the latest RAAT as specified. The other models will receive the latest RAAT in the next major firmware upgrade.


With the most recent LUMIN firmware (11.0b) on my T1 and Roon update, I found that the signal path is now shown as “Enhanced” instead of “Lossless”. Is this what you are observing at your end? Is there re-sampling happening in the chain?

This signal path is normal. MQA Full Decoder is classified as “Enhanced” according to Roon RAAT requirements.

By the way, you can try setting MQA Capabilities for Lumin to be “Renderer Only” instead of “Decoder + Renderer”, see if you hear any difference in sound quality or not.

Lumin Firmware 11.4 incorporates the latest RAAT 1.1.33 to match Roon 1.6.

Lumin Firmware 11.5 incorporates the latest RAAT 1.1.36.

Some models will receive this firmware later.

What improvements will that bring Peter?

Thank’s for the heads-up Peter!
Nice to see the D1 is still supported!


From the Lumin Firmware Release Notes

  • Update Roon RAAT version 1.1.36
  • Add front panel MUTE display
  • Improve error handling for Qobuz server busy
  • U1 X1 T2 Fix AirPlay volume
  • U1 X1 T2 Add delay to digital output
  • S1 A1 T1 Fix HDMI output to Denon / Marantz AV receivers

RAAT internal improvements or fixes are not up to me to disclose.

Hi Peter,

No luck with fixing the click when switching formats on the D2 then?

Sorry, no.

Can I get more details on this „U1 X1 T2 Fix AirPlay volume“

What was the error?
Did volume not work at all or…?

The current design of Lumin (when not using Roon) is to apply a second-level volume from the iOS AirPlay device source, so that iOS app (e.g. YouTube) volume can be reduced by iPad volume buttons (from the first-level volume in Lumin app or Roon that is treated as the maximum volume). Previously the volume buttons had no effect on our newer models, but this has been fixed.

The first-level volume in Lumin app (or Roon) has not been a problem, so even before this fix there was no risk of damaging speakers for those using a direct to amp configuration, as we do in our Munich and Hong Kong shows.

I now have an alternative implementation of AirPlay volume such that setting AirPlay to maximum volume implies Lumin will be at maximum volume, for Lumin X1 / T2 / U1 / U1 MINI. If there is anyone who want to try this beta firmware, please let me know.

We have released Firmware 12 for LUMIN players to add a built-in multi-room feature independent from Roon.

Since Roon does not support Spotify Connect but LUMIN does, users can now use the built-in multi-room feature to have Spotify play on multiple LUMIN / Linn / songcast protocol compatible devices. Spotify Connect multi-room sender works on LUMIN X1 / T2 / D2 / U1 / U1 MINI / M1. All LUMIN players can act as multi-room receivers.

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@wklie Hi Peter. My Lumin IOS app isn’t giving me the option to upgrade to Firmware 12 from 11.7 on my U1 and U1 Mini. Is there anything special I need to do to make this happen? Previous firmware upgrades were always automatically available.

I just tested that it works for me.

Please verify that the “Check for Firmware Updates” option in Lumin app is set to Yes. Then double tap iPad home button, swipe away Lumin app to kill it.

Power cycle both the Lumin units.

After they are booted up, launch Lumin app again.

If that still does not work, please try Safari on iPad and check whether it can show

“Check for Firmware Updates” was set to “Yes” in both my U1 and U1 Mini and again note I’ve had no problem automatically getting upgrades prior to this. I’ve had tried killing the app and restarting before I posted here and that didn’t fix it. Additionally, my U1 is normally powered off so I only tried to see if it would find the upgrade after powering on and that didn’t work (and that was also done prior to my posting). When you posted, I was away from my house until today so couldn’t try another complete cycle of restarting the app and re-powering the devices but before I could do that the app provided the expected option to upgrade both devices to v12. Have no idea what fixed it but the issue is resolved.

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