Quiet click/pop moving from DSD64 to MQA on D2

@wklie I notice a click/pop when a DSD64 track (upsampled) is followed by an MQA track played on a D2 (FW ver. 11.4). Core is a NUC running ROCK, Roon doing the first MQA unfold. Hardly a major issue but thought it worth mentioning in case a future firmware update can fix it. Alternatively adding 100ms of resync delay seems to do the trick.

We use hardware relay, so there is a relay click sound with format change between PCM and DSD. I’ll test it and investigate it if there is anything unexpected.

What preamp or integrated amp do you use? Which is the connection type - XLR or RCA?

Many thanks @wklie - I have both an integrated amp and headphone amp connected, by RCA and XLR respectively - it’s audible over both.

This turns out not to be a solution as it seems to introduce a quieter ‘pop’ between every track.

Does the same behavior occur with both setting of MQA Capabilities to “Decoder + Renderer” or “Renderer Only”?

I’ll have a play around when I get a chance and let you know. As I understand it, ultimately I need Roon to do first unfold so that I can use convolution.

@wklie so MQA is a bit of a red herring here - the issue seems to arise with any change in source format, which is a bit odd, given that the DAC is receiving upsampled DSD either way. So, for example, moving from an MP3 to a 44.1/16 FLAC file causes the same pop, despite both being upsampled with the same settings. If I turn off DSD upsampling there is no pop.

To answer your specific question, no, changing the MQA settings makes no difference, neither does completely disabling MQA on both core and endpoint.

Edit: …and for the sake of completeness, it is also there on DSD128 and absent if doing PCM upsampling.

Is this done by Lumin or Roon? If it’s done by Lumin, please set Lumin re-sampling to Off. Then upsample to DSD64 using Roon.

All upsampling is being done by Roon - everything is disabled on the Lumin.

Did this issue occur before upgrading to firmware 11.4?

That’s difficult to answer, because Roon 1.6 came out at a similar time and, by coincidence, I didn’t have much time to listen in the preceding few weeks. Basically I’m not sure whether it has been there all along or is newly introduced - sorry!

Just wondering whether anyone else with a D2 can replicate this issue, as I know that @wklie hasn’t been able to so far?

If you have a chance to test, and are willing, queue up a DSD track followed by a PCM - you can either use native formats (e.g. your own or the 2L test bench) or upsample to DSD (which will be automatically turned off for an MQA track). It’s easier on tracks with a quieter end, and through headphones. I notice a click through headphones/speakers on transition, in addition to the sound of the relay coming from the physical DAC. Then try reversing the order of the tracks - I hear no click.

All help appreciated, even if you hear something different! Thanks.

I’ve done more tests since our last PM. Only after I removed the pre-amp and standing really close to the speakers could I hear the really low click sound.

I expect it to be nearly inaudible in most setups, but we’ll look into it and see if this is something that can be improved.

Ah, brilliant, thanks very much @wklie, glad you’re able l to reproduce it. I agree that over speakers it is very subtle, though over headphones it’s obvious enough (to me, on my system) to be a little irritating.

Experimental firmware sent to you in PM.

Blimey that’s quick…reminded me why I chose Lumin as a brand (that, and the sound from my D2 :wink:). Thanks very much - will feed back to you as soon as I’m able to.

In case others encounter this, just to report back that unfortunately this firmware update didn’t provide a fix but @wklie has confirmed that Lumin are looking to try to address it in due course.