Lumin P1 Mini - It’s in the wild now and it Rocks 😎

Had my P1 Mini a little over a month and really impressed SQ and functionality are excellent but the Aesthetic winner was the remote control, an incredibly well engineered device that oozes quality :smiling_face:

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Is that the USB to 3.5mm trigger function? If so thats fantastic its being implemented into all products by customer feedback.

Yes it is. My trigger works with just the 5v usb to 3.5mm but I’ve also has success with using a usb dc-dc 12v plug to 3.5mm but I’ve not found a ready made solution on line- as I’m fine to diy the 3.5mm plug anyway.

Peter got this option for me I think as I requested it some years back, and it really is something they could do as an option as it’s so convenient and better for the environment to standby your amps etc.

@wklie maybe in the future new models will come with a 3.5mm trigger output as standard

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