Lumin T3 on the way?

My friend was set buy a T2 after hearing mine until his dealer told him the T3 was a six or so weeks away? T3? Do tell @wklie, inquiring minds want to know!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my T2 and would certainly consider an upgrade if the power supply was a linear one like in the higher end models. Othwerwise, I’d be super curious what the differences would be. The T2 is quite hard to beat at its price point.

[shameless pandering on] And hey … if you want any early reviews….I’d be a happy Guinea pig. My system is currently a Leben CS600x with Devore O/96s, and a set of 300b SET amps with a 300b preamp as an alternate.[shameless pandering/off]

The new U2 has improved processing hardware and software. Maybe that is what will ripple through the older models.

I’ll think, that Peter will not answer the question until the new T3 becomes available.


I think both the T2 and X1 are hampered by a chip shortage. I can only imagine that a T2 successor will probably be essentially the same with some circuit adjustments. Surely Lumin will not add an external LPS to keep it at the desired price point. My thoughts only.

The chip shortage is scuppering the release of a number of new products, although the prospect of a T3 is pretty exciting.

Having owned the T2 for a short while, it was a real improvement over my previous NAD streamer.

With the Munich show in a few weeks time, I suspect more info will be discussed at the show, so lets see!

Some info (German): LUMIN T3 Netzwerkplayer (
Edit: After looking at the site again, it looks like a copy paste of a T2 page…

I hope the T3 is coming. I was considering the HiFi Rose which is being heavily pushed right now (lots of advertising). However, there are too many “goodies” like video screens, apps, etc which makes me think that the audio side may be compromised to keep things at a certain price point. Where the T2/D2 are more straight forward without the add-on features built into the unit itself (although one can have pretty much the same features as the HFR thru the app.

My thoughts exactly. I am hearing July August should bring the news we need on the T3

Funny thing is there’s several reviews for the rose 150 that state it sounds “best” with the screen and all the other bells & whistles turned off :joy:

Most people are buying the 150 for the gorgeous screen, but then you need to turn it off for best sound? :man_shrugging:t2:

The ‘sounds better with the display switched off’ is classic hifi folklore going back to the CD playing days. Those tests are never done double blind.
If you design an audio device that receives interference from its display then as a designer you have done a very poor job. What other corners were cut during the design process?

This is a real case happened to me.

I owned a preamp that some regarded as the best preamp in the $2k range (which is collecting dust now as I use Lumin X1 XLR direct output to Lumin class AB power amp). At some point I started to have significant audible noise from speakers. It was traced to the preamp. Turned out that the noise came from the faulty display module. By removing the display module from the preamp, the noise is cured.

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Big, fancy display screens look like “one more” thing to go wrong as the unit gets older. Let’s face it, who is going to watch a freaking video on a Dac display screen? Does one really want an “old time” radio display screen saver on their modern Dac? I’m guessing the actual Hi Rez screen, video and visual processing is adding quite a bit of cost to the unit. Thus, making me think the actual audio section is just something basic. Heck, the new HiFi Rose integrated amp looks like some department store SOUNDESIGN brand from the 70’s and 80s.

I’ll pass