Lumin T3 on the way?

T3 page is up on lumin site


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Peter what are the sonic differences between the T2-T3?

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Be very interested to know too.

Given it uses the same DAC design and same PSU, it seems unlikely that there would be a significant difference…although it might be an opportune time to pickup a reduced T2! I’m more intrigued to see whether the D2 DAC implementation changes with these rolling streamer updates, as it is now something of an outlier in using the Wolfson chips.

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Any reviews on sound quality yet?

TBH I was happy to read this since it likely means I don’t need to rush out and trade my T2 for a T3, which I could really see happening :upside_down_face:


I was wrestling with a related dilemma - whether to trade my D2 for a reduced T2 :laughing: Think I’ll hold off for now but certainly tempting.

All the coming tests will shown, that the T3 performes much better than the T2 :smiley:

But I’ll also not switch (especially using it only as Roon endpoint) from my T2 to a T3.

Trade up from D2 to T2 is a no-brainer, especially with T3 on the market.

Depends on whether ASR gets it :man_facepalming:. I doubt T2>T3 is a big change. T2/3 to X1 maybe big change, but a) not sure it is worth it in my system, and b) need to change amp and speaker to benefit. So, I think I’ll stick with my T2 :nerd_face:

Guess who has the world first T3 [Edit: not ASR, not a reviewer - sorry for the confusion], many weeks before anybody else.


That’s a tough one…:joy:
We expect a completely unbiased review!

Not a reviewer, and we don’t have a monetary transaction relationship with them.

Edited post.

So I guess Roon Labs team?

My LUMIN T2 has always worked like a breeze with Roon. So robust !

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That is correct! :wink: