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The albums i have been adding recently through the Roon website are not showing up on the Tidal icon in my Lumin A1.They are present in the ‘albums’ section of the Roon website but are not in my Tidal icon/Lumin area. The same added albums …added through the Qobuz search area DO show up on the Qobuz icon in the Lumin icon. Thoughts…?..I have reloaded the Roon core …

Hi @David_Smith,

Just to verify here, do you have the same TIDAL account linked with the Lumin that you do with Roon? Do you see the TIDAL albums you add in Roon in the TIDAL app?

@David_Smith I assume you’re talking about Tidal favorites not showing in Lumin app. I also assume you only have one Tidal account and that’s entered into both Roon Core and Lumin app.

If that’s the case, in Lumin app above the view icons there is a button that shows what Tidal folder you’re looking at:

Tap this button, choose TIDAL. Then choose TIDAL for a second time - this forces the Lumin app to refresh its cache of Tidal view. Then you can go into My Music / Favorite Albums to find the favorite albums in your Tidal account.


Peter… thanks and that is what I mean. I will try that when I get home tonight. Dave… thanks again

Peter…thanks again… that fixed the problem… :ok_hand:

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peter…i am still not able to add albums to Tidal in the Lumin app through Roon. I have no problem having an added album appear in Qobuz…i have both…but even performing the maneuver you suggested is not working.I have shut my iMac down and have turned the Roon core off and on but when i try to add an album through the Roon search …it will not show up in my Tidal 'my Music and then ‘Favorites’…

peter/Roon…interesting that i am able to add albums to Tidal in my Lumin app when adding them through the Tidal appear website but just not through the Roon app/site…

Is this what you mean?

  • Adding a Tidal favorite album via Tidal web site: shows up on Lumin app
  • Adding a Tidal album via Roon: does not show up on Lumin app

To isolate whether it’s a potential functional or usage issue with Lumin app or Roon, please:

  • After adding a Tidal album via Roon, log into Tidal web site and see whether the favorite albums are there

Whatever favorite that shows in Tidal web site should also show in Lumin app after refreshing the Lumin app cache as described in a post above.

Peter…thanks for the help…I was able to find the problem and correct it…dave

So, what was the problem, and how did you correct it?

What i wasn’t doing when i went to my main Roon site was to hit the Tidal link on the left side of the screen first before searching for albums.I guess i was assuming that any album i searched for …like DID happen before the addition of Qobuz…would automatically be added to my Tidal icon on the Lumin app.I usually search for Qobuz albums using the Qobuz app itself…Too many options i guess. Anyway…AGAIN…thanks for your help…dave

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