Lumin U1 mini or something else?

Hi . I have Accuphase C-2120 + DAC-50 card + Accu P-7100 . I want buy streamer with digital out to connect via USB or coaxial with DAC-50.
I thinking about Lumin U1 mini.
With that setup i can full decode MQA with TIDAL ?
Thanks for any sugestions .

You will get MQA Core decoding to digital output, via Roon or Lumin (if not using Roon). This is good enough to recover all the musical information inside Tidal MQA.

You cannot have Full MQA decoding to digital output, because that’s restricted to analog output only in certified MQA products with analog outputs (i.e. DAC).

If use Lumin digital output to DAC-50, you’ll get up to DSD128 or PCM 384kHz via USB, or up to PCM 192kHz via coaxial.

Many thanks for answer .
I thinking about Lumin U1 mini connected via USB to DAC-50 , or second opttion Lumin D2 connected to preamp with XLR . First opttion i think will be better - Lumin U1 will not change te Accu sound style . What you think ?

If you like the sound of your current DAC, then yes please consider the U1 MINI.