Lumin u1 mini transport, considerations and recs


looking for some friendly feedback as I’m considering putting a lumin U1 mini in between my nucleus and my chord hugo tt2/mscaler combo. Right now i have a usb connector direct from nucleus to mscaler.

Any thoughts on this? I’ve heard mixed on whether it’s actually necessary. What would be the ideal connection path? nucleus via usb > U1 via usb to chord ?

Is there another bridge? I’ve seen positive about the stack audio link unit, perhaps innous mini?

thanks in advance!

There are various users here with experience of Lumin + Chord combo, e.g.


Thanks Peter, leaning towards the u1 mini.

What be your recommended connections, usb from nucleus and then again usb from mini to mscaler?

Any settings recommendations within Roon or LUMIN Interfaces to be aware of?


With a Lumin setup:
Nucleus - (network cable) - network switch - (unshielded CAT-6 cable) - Lumin U1MINI - (USB cable) - M Scaler

In Lumin app, enable Roon Ready and disable services you don’t need.

ok so just connect lumin via ethernet to my network and don’t make direct connection to nucleus If I follow…

then usb to chord from lumin, disable all services that are already enabled in roon (i’m
assuming, i use qobuz and tidal, have a drive connected to nucleus with files)

Perfect timing on this thread, I just picked up a U1 Mini to add in between a Roon ROCK and a TT2 also.

Quick question (I’ve read most of the U1 threads here already, love your hands on approach to service and guidance here) but why do you recommend Un-Shielded Cat 6 vs Shielded?

Thanks in advance.

just got that same question from my dealer, they were surprised

picked up this am after a long drive. seems to be functioning well. not seeing any album art or title info in lumin app when playing via roon, normal?

any breakdown of settings would be helpful.


what are you doing for your lumin settings?

Occasionally some setups experience network instability with shielded network cable (not necessarily with a Lumin) - there were cases here in this forum too.


Please use Roon Remote app, not Lumin app, when you’re playing using Roon.

For a Roon user, Lumin app is only used for first time setup and firmware upgrades.


Lets see if I can add some info here… Nice kit…
Use the Lumin app to set up the U1 mini… No need to upscale as your MScaler and Hugo tt2 will take care of that… Use the Lumin app to stream directly without Roon or use Roon without the Lumin app… One or the other, not both at the same time… Your ethernet cable can be cat 6, 7 or 8… Shielding can be problematic as one side or both could be ground which could introduce a noise path…

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I am curious to know why you want to use a Lumin between your Roon Core and DAC. Don’t get me wrong, I am simply curious why you want all the extras like their app and other features you wouldn’t necessarily use if you are a Roon user. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to u1 mini, they look like they have very nice build and get good reviews. I’ve heard the bigger u1 multiple times in a non-Roon system and it sounds really good.

Wouldn’t an ultraRendu or opticalRendu be simpler? In my office I am using an ultraRendu/Uptone LPS 1.2 with a TT2, and it sounds fantastic, super simple to setup, and very reliable.

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I had an opportunity to hear the U1 mini in my system and used it instead of my nucleus, a/b’ing and frankly i was blown away. In my system I found it to be way more musical, warmer, more open and with better separation. Also it was a quieter sound stage over all.

Others might have diff experience in their systems and listening areas, but I felt this was impress enough to make the purchase without hesitation.

I would consider going to the U1 full size as well, for me, it was that good.

Have a great night!


That’s quite an endorsement. I haven’t had the chance to listen to them side-by-side. Just separatly.

I think I would miss Roon’s interface, Radio, and Zones too much to switch.

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Please clarify: with your Lumin U1MINI / M Scaler / TT2 setup, were you playing using Roon Nucleus, or Lumin app alone (without using Roon)?

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i use roon software and lumin as the streamer/transport to my dac. best of both worlds!


using roon software and lumin as a transport to my dac. it’s brilliant.


Cross your fingers the LPS does not die. Uptone can no longer support LPSxx repair due to parts availability and have permanently discontinued LPS1.2 production!

Trust me, I now have an LPS1 paperweight. :flushed:


In terms of SQ, which kind of RJ45 cable (i.e., CAT 6, 7, 8 & shield or I shield) would you recommend? Thanks!