Lyngdorf TDAI-1120

Here is an interesting new product. Roon ready streamer amp with room correction and built in riaa. Really interested to hear some real world reviews/experiences of this. Has anyone seen or even heard this already?

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Yes. I had the pleasure of helping out with the betatesting. It is very, very good for the price, and roomperfect seems out of this world in a lyngdorf product in that price range. Great D-class amps, very flexible output system with crossover for active subwoofers, built in limiter, individual delays for perfect timing and much more.

All of it, reports back to roon for that slick overview of the signal chain, including all the processing in the TDAI.

One other thing that surprised me was the speed that it starts playing from standby. It takes approx. 2 1/2 second from you select it as output from your streaming app to you have audio in the speakers!

That all sounds really good. I use to own an older Lyngdorf and have to agree that their room correction is amazing.

Did actually use it with Roon?

Yes, that was the primary testing objective. So, a lot! :laughing: The certification is not totally finalised yet, so it runs in “uncertified” mode when testing the beta software. But it should be very close. The 1120 should be due for release april/may to my knowledge.

Good to know. I hope the certification goes smoothly and it actually works. This looks like a perfect one box Roon solution :grinning:

There is no bugs left to my knowledge, so it will just be paperwork from here. The ROON integration is fantastic.

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Sounds great. This certainly looks like a perfect one box Roon solution. What I heard even the price should be quite reasonable. Would you happen to know can you use this as an streamer preamp to active speakers?

Will metadata be displayed on the monochrome screen?

No. Its a fixed screen. But you get all the song basic info in the lyngdorf app when roon is playing. The amp also displays in the app as well as in webinterface what bit depth and SR is being received.

This really looks like a nice piece of kit. Only thing missing in my opinion is Bluetooth transmitter for headphones. Any info on the price?