Lyngdorf TDAI-1120

Ace this was the original thread, and then another one was created with the same content. I didn’t want to reply in both :grin:
But I fully agree with you

I have an 1120 which is showing the same filter in signal path on Amp side.
Can’t say for sure if this is new or not, I’m not really a serial signal path checker.
I’ll contact Lyndorf support and see what they say.
Will post when I’ve got a response if nobody else does.


@ogdens_sliced. Thanks. I also have a 1120 that shows the unknown filter. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there before the software update, however, I couldn’t see any way to uninstall the update in order to confirm if the filter is connected to the update.

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Same issue for me. I have also contacted Lyngdorf support.

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I just got this response from Lyngdorf.

"We are aware that this “unknown filter” has appeared in Roon, and the issue is being addressed. To soothe your concerns, there is NO filter, it is a software bug that has been overlooked during testing.

We will have a fix for this in the next software release."


I got same response just now.
Hats off to Lyngdorf support, they always give a quick reply / followup to messages.

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I tried Room Perfect some years ago. It must have improved enormously to be anything like good today. I bought Audiolense XO instead. The only advantage RP had was the fact that correction was part of the amp so all inputs had the same adjustment.

I wonder if it was some placeholder for MQA decoding.

There is another defect here with this software update - in Roon signal path Limiter is marked as ON even when I disable it in TDAI- 1120…
Anyone from Lyngdorf to answer it?

I’m running V2.0.0.and for me limiter is not shown in the signal path. It is turned off by me in the TDAI 1120 web app.