Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 (SW update 1.1.0)

I am having exactly the same issue with my 3400 , I have the software versions as listed in your screen shot above. High Res files are creating an issue of skipping or it plays back a few seconds of the track then skips to the next one. IMO, the 3400 cannot be considered to be Roon-Ready. Add to the fact that Lyngdorf has utterly stopped responding to my emails to Tech Support.


The Roon @support team prefer one topic per customer’s issue… so they are able to track it and focus on each individual problem. hence I split out your topic.

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Hello @Bobolaclune,

Are you using the TDAI-3400’s WiFi or Ethernet connection?


Hi. I’m using the Ethernet connection. Thanks


I am using a Roon Nucleus + connected by ethernet to a Linksys Velop Mesh network with 5 base stations. However , the Lyngdorf is connected by direct hardwired ethernet to the main Ethernet switch , which in turn is hardwired to the Internet router. I’m on a 1GB cable internet connection which most typically runs at 500MB/s speeds. I have multiple DAC’s connected to the Core either directly to ethernet ( dCs Rossini) or to the Nucleus+ (Denafrips Terminator) or to connected Macs (Denafrips Pontus & Luxman DA-06). I have no issues with any of these connections or DAC’s except the TDAI-3400. The issue appears to be the 3400 updated software package 1.1.0. Following a suggestion made earlier on the Forum, I have now installed the previous version 1.0.4 and this appears stable. Lyngdorf reply no emails regarding Tech Support, they appear comatose.

I am now continuing to battle through my issues with the TDAI-3400. I have tried connecting directly to both wifi and ethernet with similarly miserable results. As of now , the Lyngdorf is completely frozen and though it shows up on Roon , will not playback. IMHO, this should never have been certified as Roon-Ready. It’s glitchy, badly behaved when occasionally it does decide to work and repeated emails to Lyngdorf Tech Support over the last two weeks go completely unanswered. The unit was dropped into a connection structure via Ethernet that my Naim Uniti Nova had happily inhabited in a trouble free manner for 3 years.

I’m using a Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 since early 2018 myself. I on my side have to say that device is rock solid with Roon - i had never any issues. Lately I’ve upgraded it also to the newest firmware version and i couldn’t verify the issues with HiRes materials either - also there were no glitches no stops or whatsoever. So I’m not sure if you have a faulty device or if there’s still something glitchy in your network setup.

Thanks for the post. As I said , I have dropped the 3400 into a network configuration that supports 3 DAC’s and previously a Naim Nova as well without incident or issue. I have now completely reset the Lyngdorf to factory defaults, reloaded my Nucleus with Roon’s latest build , reinstalled Lyngdorf’s latest system software… fingers crossed.


Do let us know if there’s any improvement after the reset!

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