Lyricists cannot be selected

I don’t get why in Roon we can have a credit for the lyricist (via roon metadata or via file tags), but the person then cannot be selected.
I mean: if the lyricist has no other roles (not a performer, or a composer, so is present in the library just as lyricist of some track)
for example:

if i click on the lyricists, nothing happens.
while if i make a search for (for example) nabokov (track 2) and open the link, i get an empty page

while a would expect to get the tracks for which he is lyricist.

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Can you send this album over to us so we can take a look? You can upload it here. Thanks!

Hi @dylan
it’s not a matter of this album
-add Albert Einstein as a lyricist of any track of your choice
-Albert Einstein is reported under the track title ad lyricist
-if you click on Albert Einstein, nothing happens.
-Albert Einstein page in the library can be accessed making a search for Albert Einstein. but the page is empty

that’s a general behavior as far as i can see in the library.
if instead of Albert Einstein you put a known artist in the library, then the link is active and the artist page is not empty.
but if you look at “All Tracks” related to the artist, you do not get the ones where he/she is just a lyricist.

Thanks for clarifying, @Niccolo_Terzi. I’ve passed this feedback along to the team!

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