Lyrics from file tags not showing as expected

As far as I am able to determine …

Currently, when synchronized lyrics are available to Roon in the cloud, it will display them in the “Now Playing” lyrics tab regardless of whether there are user-supplied unsynced lyrics in the file metadata and regardless of the relevant Roon vs. file library import settings.

I can frequently do better than the cloud, supplying corrections or translations or both, but when those synchronized lyrics are in the cloud, Roon just ignores my file-grooming efforts, regardless of whether post- or pre-import.

Please give us a post-import way of competely suppressing Roon-supplied lyrics on a per track or at least per album basis. The current half-measures are just confusing and annoying, and I never feel like singing along.

Try: Settings/Library/Import Settings down at the bottom you will find LYRICS select “Prefer File”. When you change “import settings” Roon rescans and applies the new setting to the existing library. See:

Thanks for the response. I suppose I could have been a bit more explicit above. My import settings have been set to “Prefer file” for both (unsynchronized) “Lyrics” and “Timecode lyrics” for some time. It makes no difference. Tracks imported yesterday with lyrics in the metadata still show Roon’s synchronized lyrics rather than my unsynchronized lyrics in the lyrics tab when playing. That’s the problem.

It might well be the lyrics you are adding to the file. Are you following the Lyric Tag Guide?, it may be that you are adding extra stuff in the Lyrics Tag which is causing Roon to ignore it. I just tested it and it worked for me.

As a test, try following the guide, and just type a couple of lines of nonsense and see if Roon picks it up.

I just tested it moments ago replacing an existing lyrics with nonsense and it worked.

Thanks again for the response. Checking the contents of the lyrics field for strange characters may be complicated for me by the fact that I have lots of foreign language material in UTF-8 (the album I imported yesterday, for example, was a Jobim/Regina disc with lyrics in Portuguese).

Before I do so, however, one question for you: are you sure you performed your test on material for which Roon had access to synchronized lyrics in the cloud?

Will will try it again with a track that specifically has syncronized lyrics. Will return shortly.
Edit, yes it does. Made a copy of a track with syncronized lyrics, edited it by adding a LYRICS tag and copy/pasting the lyrics into it. Copied the modified file back into the watched Roon storage, and it was immediately seen and rescanned.

lyrics 3

As a addendum, after I did the test, I noticed that I had chosen by mistake a static lyric, so, I did the test again with the track Mr. Fantasy. Interestingly, I left Roon on the lyrics page and it modified that page as soon as I saved the file with the LYRICS tag.

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I’ll look further into this tomorrow. For now, I’ll note that the screenshot you’re showing me is the result of choosing “View lyrics” after (right-)clicking on the 3 horizontal or vertical dots that allow access to track details. That will always show static lyrics, if available, regardless of source, and is not the problem screen. The problem screen where Roon-sourced synchronized lyrics appear regardless of what I supply with file tags is the lyrics tab of the now playing screen, e.g.

If from this screen I then do the right-click “View Lyrics” that you did, having added “Test” to the file metadata with the LYRICS tag, what I see, after a rescan, is this:

See the problem?

I do. However, for me it worked like such (as I mentioned as an addundum at the end of my last post, but, didn’t include the screen cuts):

Prior to change

After adding Lyrics tag

However, in testing further, it seems to behave differently between my ROCK OS core and my Windows OS core. What OS are you running your Core on?

Hmmm …

Thanks for the followup. My core runs on a Nucleus+. I run clients on Windows 7 and Android. Everything’s at the latest rev and I see the same bad behavior on both client platforms. My wife sees it too on her iPad client.

Hey @WillK,

Thank you for sharing the issue you’ve ran into. And sorry about it :sweat:

I appreciate you engaging with the community and thank you @Rugby for your helpful posts :pray:

I’ve looped in our technical team so they can take a closer look and make possible suggestions for next steps :nerd_face:

Hi @beka,

Thanks very much. I hacked at the problem a bit more today, but still don’t see how it’s even possible to produce the second of the screen captures shown in 162884/8.

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Hi @beka,

I’m writing to report the results of some hacking that may be of interest to any developer looking at this problem.

Wondering if there might be some unwitting implicit requirement in Roon to only allow the replacement of synchronized lyrics with synchronized lyrics and using the same track that supplied the screenshots in 162884/8, I added a spurious timestamp to the the source file’s LYRICS tag: “[00:00.00] Test”. Here’s the screenshot of the lyrics tab with the track in play that resulted:

So it seems that for me, at least, Roon will only replace synchronized lyrics with synchronized lyrics. That does not seem to be the case for @Rugby, though he indicated that his results varied depending on core platform, without saying exactly how.

& unfortunately, there’s more … Here is a screenshot of what happens when I do a right-click “View Lyrics” from the screen captured above:

This shows the unreplaced cloud-sourced version of the lyrics, so all I’ve really done with this hack is to change the way in which Roon is ignoring my LYRICS tag.

Hi @WillK

I appreciate your detailed report! It’s very helpful for understanding what you’re experiencing.

I’m going to run this by our QA team for further input on the expected behavior here, and I’ll follow up once we’ve had our meeting.

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Hello, I am having the same problem. If I add lyrics to an album’s tag that has no lyrics, then rescan in ROON, then boom, the lyrics show up. However, if ROON has lyrics and I put new lyrics in the albums tag, nothing happens. The new lyrics do not replace the ROON lyrics. I’ve tried the “prefer file” and rescan album but it won’t replace the ROON lyrics.

These are NOT synchronized.

Thanks. Marcus

Well, nevermind. I gave up yesterday and this morning, my new set of “test” Lyrics were in ROON. Oh yeah, I added the correct lyrics this morning replacing the test lyrics, selected “re-identify album” instead of “rescan” album and that worked. So, now I am off adding lyrics . I don’t know why something “magical” happened overnight.


Hello @Marcus_DiBenedetto,

Thanks for the notes. To reiterate, I’ve had no problems with static lyrics, only with replacing Roon’s cloud-sourced synchronized lyrics. Please let us know your experience with such cases. Thanks.

Hello @Dylan, Do you have any new information on this issue?