Lyrics Issues - Adding Parts of Other Songs

I have noticed that there are some (unfortunate) errors showing up in certain lyrics. On Taylor Swifts 1989 album, for “Shake it Off” at the end of the song lyrics, the lyrics continue into a profane rap song. Blank Space, Bad Blood and I Wish You Would have a similar (but less offensive) problem at the end of the lyrics.

Just wondering if this can be looked at? Not great (especially with kids) to click on the lyrics symbol for Taylor Swift and see gangsta rap lyrics with the F word in several places! Otherwise I think Roon is absolutely fantastic and am very much enjoying it.

Yikes! That’s no good. I’m to take a look into the source lyrics data and see what’s happening. I’ll let you know shortly.

Hey there, @smithpau - This data has been cleaned up on our servers. If you wait a few days your metadata will be automatically updated to reflect the changes; or you can force an update by opening the album in question, clicking the pencil icon, choosing Identify Album, and then choosing a result that best matches your album.

Thanks for catching this!

In a similar vein, it would be nice to have a setting to NOT blank out profanity in metadata (such as song titles).

If I chose to load an album with the F-word in song titles, then I want to see those song titles, not a bunch of asterisks.