Lyrics not displaying correctly

That is al good for adding new music but what if your existing music already has lyrics and is showing it like this in Roon?

If I look in iTunes

the tagging is ok but in Roon it’s a total mess.
It can’t be the that I have to re-tag all my music, over more than 25000 numbers.

if I open this song with Tag in macOS it looks like this

it has been tagged good if I look in Tag.

Roon has to do something about this issue the fault is within Roon.

Hi Gerdy,

I"d be happy to look at the file and see if I can see what the issue could be, if you want to share it with me via dropbox. Just be aware that I am another user like you, not official Roon Support. Although, I suspect that, they too, would probably want to look at the file directly.

My gut thinks that there may be some formatting codes embedded in that Lyric tag which the other sources can use and Roon cannot.

The first thing I would try would be to copy the lyric text out to a text editor, like notepad, which strips any hidden codes. Remove the current lyric tag from the file, and then recreate it using the cut n paste from the text editor.


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Hello Rugby

I understand what you mean, but I’ve already tried everything as you describe without any results.

It is also not only this file, there are several files, and I am not alone with this problem, my brother also uses Roon and has the same problem with his files.

Tagging has been done correctly in the past and works with all other programs such as iTunes, Jriver and Squeezebox.

I can put this file in dropbox, but then I have to do this for all 25000 numbers that I have and I believe that this cannot be the intention :wink:

It looks like the old Unix/Mac/Windows carriage return/line feed problem, ie, ‘\r \n’ to get the cursor to return and move down. Perhaps this is something Roon can look at?


I’ve moved this to support so that the support staff can see and respond to the issue.

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Hi @Gerdy,

Would you mind sharing this file with us so we can take a closer look? You can send it over via a shared Dropbox link in a PM here on the Community site. Thanks!

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