Lyrics out of sync with music

Hi, I find that the time codes for lyrics are off for much of the songs that have sync’ed lyrics. Is there a way to adjust them so they are in sync? A neat way to do it would be to manually move the lyrics up or down (say on an iPad) to adjust. Or + / - buttons will work too :slight_smile:


There is no such adjustment.

You can post the asynchronous specifics under the Metadata category. Or you can post a Feature Request. Or, if this seems to be consistently slow or fast across all, or most all tracks, you can post a Support request.

Sorry to say, I doubt you will get any satisfaction (based upon my prior experience).

Thanks…I looked for a feature request section, but wasn’t able to find it on the forum.

The other thing is I also use HQPlayer and so the longer chain/processing also puts things out of sync.

Seems like an easy thing to implement and would make the lyrics so much more useful!

Are the lyrics generally slow (or fast)? Or is it just specific tracks?

It’s a mix depending on the track

Hi there, just another user here, not able to offer a fix, but with an observation.

On any of my Roon remotes, Windows 11 or an iPad Air 5 running 17.1, lyrics are always more or less a split second late, but using a web display via browser fixes that.

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