Lyrics view displayed instead of artist photo and album insert

Not sure whether to raise this under here or separate issue. I want a playlist to switch each time and show me the track and artist view for each track. But each change of track it switches to “lyrics” view … I don’t want that … I want to see the track view with artist photo and album insert … why switch every time to the lyrics?
Is there some way to set that?

Hey @Gordon_Milligan,

I’m so sorry it took us this long to get back to you …:pleading_face:

I appreciate you asking this question! Once you customize your Now Playing screen in Roon, the view that you prefer (artist photo, for example) should be preserved.

On the Now Playing screen, could you please click on the :gear: icon at the top right ?

On the pop up window, make sure the order of the possible views is to your liking. You can use the six-bullet button to move the views up and down and the toggle to turn them on or off.

Many thanks Rebeka … and it was so easy! … I’ll go read the manual :slight_smile:

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So happy it’s exactly what you were looking for :sunglasses:

Happy listening :musical_note:

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