M1 Mac Mini, Exclusive Mode non-functional (Error message: "Audio device in use")

Core Machine

M1 Mac Mini, 16gb RAM, 512gb SSD

Network Details

Connected to router over ethernet; connected to Macbook Pro over Screen Sharing

Audio Devices

M1 Mac mini connected to Denon AVC-X3700H receiver over Usb3->HDMI

Description of Issue

Playing from the Denon receiver on Exclusive mode causes the error message “Audio device in use”. When exclusive mode is turned off, tracks play, but only with green quality.

I have tried a few fresh installs of roon, and formatted the M1’s hard disk and reinstalled OS. Problem persists. I have also tried connecting the M1 to the receiver by means of its HDMI port (HDMI->HDMI); same problem persists.

When my old MacAir is connected to the receiver over RoonBridge, this problem does not occur and I get the correct signal quality.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that on MacOS’ Audio MIDI Setup, all formats of the Denon receiver other than 48Khz seem to be greyed out.

Some screenshots attached.

Hi Neil,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re regularly seeing this error message. We’d be happy to help you figure this out.

Are you by chance using that usb out for any other audio or video playback apps or do you have any other applications that could be fighting with Roon’s exclusive mode?

Hi Jamie,

No, not using any other apps. Tested it on a clean OS and Roon install, without having installed any other media apps.

Exclusive mode works, however, whenever I connect the Mac’s 3.5 headphone jack to the receiver by means of an RCA audio cable.

However, using this means, the SQ is not great.

Having a similar problem with Mac Mini M1. Sometimes Roon cannot access the the DAC connected via USB and constantly skips tracks. Only saw this in exclusive mode and still cannot nail down when exactly that happens.

For me, Roon has never worked with the M1 in exclusive mode at all; tracks are either instantly skipped or I receive an error message. I still haven’t managed to find a solution.

Bumping this thread.

Problem solved; solution here: Audio device in use - exclusive mode - #3 by Richard_Elpers

That’s no solution. It a workaround at best.

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