M3u files not exported with music files from playlist

Config details are in my profile.

From the Knowledge Base:
" Exporting Playlists

When you export a playlist, any local files contained in that playlist will be copied. An M3U playlist file will also be created."

Nope. I get music files only.
I’ve made sure that the files are mine, and that they all reside in the same folder.

A secondary issue is that mounted volumes do not appear in the Export dialog. I have to use Volumes, despite the warning that Roon throws up.
Both the Client and Core Roon software have Full Disk Access in System Prefs>Security.

Hi @Andrew_Webb

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here?

It turns out that I was using the wrong “Export” menu. If you are inside a playlist, there are three different “Export” options, and they look very similar, but do different things. The KB article is not helpful, since it doesn’t tell you which to use. There is no indication in the Roon interface that one method works differently from another.

Here is a screenshot of the mounted-volumes-not-appearing thing:

Here are a couple of composite pix of the three export options and their following dialogs:

Only one of these produces an m3u file. I wonder if the uninitiated can tell the difference.