M3U not being detected

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Windows 10 Roon 1.7 Build 571

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Description Of Issue

I created a m3u file with VLC and MP3Tag.

I placed the m3u file in the folder so the files are relative with no folder paths ro navigate.
Storage watch location has the m3u import option enabled.

Here is a snippet of my m3u. Note the files are all relative.

#EXTINF:225,HNNY - Montara
01 - Montara.flac
#EXTINF:158,Sarah, the Illstrumentalist - Purple Amethyst
02 - Purple Amethyst.flac
#EXTINF:141,Matt Large - Blue Nights and Yellow Days
03 - Blue Nights and Yellow Days.flac

What am I missing?. I tried the .xspf xml format as well specify the full UNC path to match the path I see when I select a track and for a File Info.


From Importing playlists:

if you have a playlist stored in a folder with an album, and that playlist is simply a listing of the album’s tracks, it will be skipped

Note: Roon expects a album based folder structure. To play an album in order, even partially, no playlist is needed. Some ripping software creates such playlists automatically (if configured). It seems that Roon is trying to avoid the import of such superfluous, auto-generated playlists.

No, I need and want a playlist. The problem is that I can’t tell Roon to make a playlist from all the files in folder x.

So, I have to use a third party app to create the playlist file.

The faq/kb is as clear as mud on how to have a proper formated m3u file with examples with relative paths etc.

Tbe full path to my file is

//xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/MediaHole/Purchased/Tidal/Playlist/Study Station/01 - Montara.flac

My storage working directory is


I therefore put my m3u file in the above UNC path

This is the latest iteration of my m3u file it matches relatively the flac file location, But the m3u still won’t show up despite repeated force scans.

#EXTINF:225,HNNY - Montara
#EXTINF:157,Sarah, the Illstrumentalist - Purple Amethyst
#EXTINF:141,Matt Large - Blue Nights and Yellow Days


So part of the problem seems to be that you don’t use a album based folder structure in this case. The question is why do you want to have an external playlist anyway, it’s read-only for Roon. You might be better-off using Roon’s own playlists or smart playlists (bookmarks).

Find tracks by path seems to be what you’re looking for, storing the filtered view as bookmark or (multi) select the tracks to create a playlist.

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Ahah! Thank for that last nugget of information.

I did try sorting by Path. I wasn’t able to batch select. The apparent trick was to use RIGHT CLICK.

Hello @Eugene_Tan, it seems like you got some good input here already, please let me know if you have any other questions!

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