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While scanning my Playlists does not appear in Roon. Playlists are stored in the root of my music folder on my synology DS918+. My music files are stored in different (sub)folders in the same music folder.

Some example of my playlist content:
#EXTINF:334,The Afghan Whigs - John The Baptist
Flac/The Afghan Whigs/1965/07. John The Baptist.flac
#EXTINF:275,Antony and the Johnsons - Soft Black Stars
MP3/Antony and the Johnsons/2001 - I Fell In Love with a Dead Boy (EP)/03 Soft Black Stars.mp3
#EXTINF:247,Balthazar - You’re So Real
Flac/Balthazar/2019 - Fever/11 - You’re So Real.flac

Any idea?

Can someone from @support help me with this question?

Hey @Eric_Streefland,

Thanks for following up on your post.

I was wondering, have you seen this article where we explain how to correctly import them?

Hi @beka,
I did read the article. I fixed it however. I made a new subfolder in the music root folder. And move all music subfolders and playlists to the new folder. I don’t know what makes the difference but this works for me.

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Hey @Eric_Streefland,

Thanks a lot for keeping us updated. That’s awesome :clap:

Please, let us know if we can help with anything.

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