M3U Playlists Not Being Discovered During Scanning [Solved]

Just finished (finally) being able to get all of my music files scanned into Roon. I have more than 256k music files, so it take a while (18 hours). I am happy that I finally was able to do so - no fault of Roon; I just did not have the equipment with enough “horsepower” to run the scan.

Now that I have done so, I am a little stumped. My music files are all in a folder called “My Music” on drive d, including all of my playlists, which are all in .m3u format. The playlists are in a subdirectory (My Playlists) which is within My Music. I also tried making a separate directory in D called My Playlists and having Roon scan that, but the result is the same - Roon is showing I have zero playlists. Any suggestions? I would imagine it is something pretty simple. Thanks.

Hi John,

This thread should help. You need to have the m3u playlists in the same watched folder as the music which they reference. They can be in a subfolder within that folder.

One thing that may be the issue is the playlists don’t have the correct path to the files thus aren’t being imported. I know that when i would export playlists from jriver and move the file to my NAS drive if i didn’t check the include relative path other programs would not pick them up.

Open the playlist with notepad and see what the file path starts with. my guess is it will look something like …\Artist\Album\Track if you have it organized in that fashion. You should just need to replace the …\ with the actual location and they will import.

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Hi Kevin,

My playlists are already formatted correctly, I believe. My music files are in D:\My Music, in separate folders, mostly by artist and album, but some directories are just the artist name. My .m3u playlists are in D:\My Music\My Playlists and point directly to the D:\My Music directory. Here is a sample from one of my playlists:

The playlist is called “Al Stewart - Anthology”. As you will see, it points to several different directories within D:\My Music, but the formatting looks fine to me, unless I am missing something.

D:\My Music\Al Stewart - Modern Times & Year Of The Cat (2012 Rmstr)\10 On The Border.flac
D:\My Music\Al Stewart\Valentina Way.flac
D:\My Music\Al Stewart - Sparks of Ancient Light\Shah of Shahs.flac
D:\My Music\Al Stewart\Al Stewart_Just Yesterday\Nostradamus_The World Goes to Riyadh (Live).flac
D:\My Music\Al Stewart - Modern Times & Year Of The Cat (2012 Rmstr)\15 Broadway Hotel.flac
D:\My Music\Al Stewart\Mondo Sinistro.flac
D:\My Music\Al Stewart\Nostradamus.flac
D:\My Music\Al Stewart\Palace of Versailles.flac
D:\My Music\Al Stewart - Modern Times & Year Of The Cat (2012 Rmstr)\13 If It Doesn’t Come Naturally, Leave It.flac

I have a lot of playlists, so I hope I don’t have to change anything. I do understand that Roon won’t import my individual album playlists (for the most part) and I am fine with that. However, I have a lot of homemade anthologys and various artist compilations that I would like to keep. I hope this helps.

It sounds like you have it setup correctly. My playlists are all in a Playlists subfolder in the music directory in my NAS at the same level of the Artists folders. Once i corrected the issue i mentioned above i didn’t have any issue with roon finding them upon scanning my watched folder.

I’ll double check the format on my playlists when i get home in a few hours but that looks correct to me, assuming i don’t have the naming backwards.

Well, this time it appears as if it found them. They are still loading, but so far, so good…

Great. Just for the record i had it backwards. I had to replace the location of the files with the …\ instead of the other way around. Below is the format from one of my playlists:

…\The Afghan Whigs\Gentlemen\01 If I Were Going.flac
…\The Afghan Whigs\Gentlemen\02 Gentlemen.flac
…\The Afghan Whigs\Gentlemen\03 Be Sweet.flac
…\The Afghan Whigs\Gentlemen\04 Debonair.flac
…\The Afghan Whigs\Gentlemen\05 When We Two Parted.flac
…\The Afghan Whigs\Gentlemen\06 Fountain And Fairfax.flac

I have an issue importing a single M3U playlist.
I can import all my other playlists, but not this one.
All my playlists are in the same folder, have a similar structure and were created with JRMC at the same time. The music is in the same watched folder where other playlists were made from. I have no problem importing/playing it with JRMC.
I forced rescan, but this particular playlist is not detected.
I double checked it with a text editor for any special characters or something, but I cannot see anything unusual.
Any idea!!!

This is the text inside the playlist:

…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\1-01 A bailar.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\1-02 Buenos Aires.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\1-03 Cada vez que me recuerdes.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\1-04 Pa que seguir.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\2-01 Tinta roja.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\2-02 Yo soy el tango.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\2-03 Maragata.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\2-04 Te Aconsejo Que Me Dejes.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\3-01 Milongeando En El 40.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\3-02 Guapeando.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\3-03 Cordon De Oro.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\3-04 Cachirulo.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\4-01 El Cuarteador.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\4-02 Farol.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\4-03 Garua.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\4-04 Barrio De Tango.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\5-01 Tal Vez Sera Su Voz.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\5-02 Tres Amigos.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\5-03 La Vi Llegar.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\5-04 Cristal.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\6-01 Tristezas De La Calle Corrientes.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\6-02 Lejos De Buenos Aires.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\6-03 Barrio de Tango.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\6-04 Garufa.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\7-01 El Tamango.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\7-02 Guapeando.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\7-03 Toda Mi Vida.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\7-04 Te Aconsejo Que Me Dejes.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\8-01 El Africano.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\8-02 El Cuarteador edited.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\8-03 Sombras Nada Mas.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\8-04 Sencillo y compadre.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\8-05 Tabaco.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\9-02 Percal.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\9-03 Chique.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\9-03 Quejas De Bandoneon.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\10-00 Medianoche.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\10-01 El choclo.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\10-02 N.P.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\10-03 Cualquier Cosa.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\10-04 Malena.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\11-01-Pa’ Que Bailen Los Muchachos.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\11-02 Cada Vez Que Me Recuerdes.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\11-03 En esta tarde gris.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\11-04 Pajaro ciego.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\12-01 Suerte Loca.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\12-02 El Distinguido Ciudadano.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\12-03 Maria.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\12-04 Sin Palabras.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\13-01 Marioneta.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\13-02 El Elegante.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\13-03 Orquestas de mi ciudad.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\13-04 Soy muchacho de la guardia.mp3
…\Tango music (MP3)\tango\Aníbal Troilo(T10)\14-01 Tabernero.mp3

After changing the text of the playlist, I got no positive outcome.
Changing slightly the path of the music of the offending playlist, now Roon has imported it. :slight_smile:

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Hoping someone can help me with the same issue.

I have a Synology NAS. All my hi-res files are stored there. Roon sees all my files and plays them. I used VLC on my Mac
to create M3U playlist(s). Roon doesn’t see them. I have checked all the obvious. “Import other playlist is selected” is selected, and the .M3U files are in the same folder as the music files. I copied over MP3 files and I had the same result.

ITunes playlist import just fine. I’ve checked the M3U file in text editor and it looks correct?

Can someone please help. Spent 2 very frustrating days on this. Being able to have playlists of my hi-res files is a must, If I am going to buy and use this product.


Hi Dwayne,

A couple of things. First, in the My Playlists drop down at the top left of the Playlist Browser, do you have Shared Playlists checked (blue)? I assume so, if you can see iTunes playlists.

Also, when checking the .m3u file with text editor, what do the track paths look like? If the tracks are all in the same folder as the .m3u file, then you don’t need a path. It can just have the name of the song.

Cheers, Greg

That worked! Thanks!


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