M3U playlists not importing [Resolved - Reboot]

My playlists are not imported to Roon no matter what I do.

I have followed the instructions below and added the playlists in the same folder structure as my music files.

I have tried different approaches for generating the M3U files
../Airbag/Disconnected/4 - Airbag - Sleepwalker.flac
..\Airbag\Disconnected\4 - Airbag - Sleepwalker.flac
\MyMusic\Airbag\Disconnected\4 - Airbag - Sleepwalker.flac
\ROCK\Data\Storage\ROONMUSIC_TOSHIBA_External_USB_3_0_20140916016192F_9E99-9D13-p1\MyMusic\Airbag\Disconnected\4 - Airbag - Sleepwalker.flac

But I’m not getting any playlist at all except for my Tidal playlists.

Roon 1.4 (Build 306), NUC ROCK with USB disk attached for my music library, one folder added and Import M3U is set to Yes.
Image 2

Hi @VidarDK ---- Thank you for the report and sorry to hear of the troubles.

Moving forward, may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following information:

  • Please confirm where your musical collection is being stored/accessed from.

  • Please provide a screenshot of your “storage” tab in Roon.

  • Please send us a copy of one of the M3U files not importing into Roon via a shared dropbox link for review.


Hi’ @eric

After rebooting my ROCK the playlists appears in Roon :smiley: – sorry for the inconvenience!

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No worries @VidarDK, glad to hear the playlists are now available!

Happy listening!