M3u refuses to import

Roon Core Machine

1.8 build 1021 stable on Linux 5.4.0-124-generic (Ubuntu) 8Gb RAM)

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Android/Windows/Pi Roon Bridge

Number of Tracks in Library

35000 tracks

Description of Issue

Hi all attempts to import m3u files has failed. I can connect to the shared drive using windows and click an m3u file and it plays fine in VLC. Relative directories have been used (latest attempt is placing the playlist dir under the Music dir but I have tried others)

It should be noted that m3u files that are in the same directory as the flacs work just fine.

Source folder \\G
Music in \Music
Playlists in \Music\playlists

Sample m3u

#EXTINF:290,The Crystal Method - Weapons Of Mass Distortion
../The Crystal Method/Legion Of Boom/08 Weapons Of Mass Distortion.mp3
#EXTINF:193,Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind
../Lunatic Calm/The Matrix - Soundtrack/06 Leave You Far Behind.mp3
#EXTINF:258,Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust
../Bomb The Bass/Clear/01 Bug Powder Dust.mp3

Exerpt from log file
08/29 13:48:15 Warn: [music/storage] got mod for unknown file 87:0:Music/playlists/2 Turntables.m3u from \

Not sure what to do next. As I said, the playlist plays fine using this relative directory via VLC

Hi @Chris_Schulz ,

Did you turn on playlist support in Roon Settings → Storage → Edit storage location? Please see this guide for more info:

Hope this helps!

Yes, of course: “It should be noted that m3u files that are in the same directory as the flacs work just fine.”

This is doing my head in. :\

Bonjour Chris
J’avais le meme probleme. La solution est de faire ta m3u ou m3u8 (avec un autre logiciel par exemple) que tu dois ensuite déposer dans un dossier différent et en amont du dossier de ton album/compilation.

This is the problem. :\ “It should be noted that m3u files that are in the same directory as the flacs work just fine.”

The m3u in the /playlists folder do not import.

Language translation problem…
I said that you must re create an m3u in a different folder and upstream of the folder that hosts your music / compilation. This folder is of course in the part of the local NAS / USB SDD directory that you have designated as your Roon media library.

For example, you create a “Playlists” folder where you will put all your m3u/m3u8 playlists created with software other than Roon.

Then Roon will automatically scan them. You can also force the scan. Your physical playlists will appear and will be executable but not editable on Roon. These playlists can also be read by others, J-River…

At the same time, you can keep existing playlists directly in your music folders, without having to remove them.

Yes. This is exactly what isn’t working. All playlists in the /playlists folder are ignored.

Hi @Chris_Schulz ,

Are you seeing any changes in behavior with Roon 2.0? Do you have any media scanning going on in the Roon background or has your library finished importing fully?

1-You must create the playlist in a higher directory with software other than Roon, do not copy and paste your playlists already made into your music folders

2- your M3U or M3U8 must be recorded in RELATIVE, with .\

3-you can open the playlist with a text editor or notepad.

Example of a playlist that I created on J-River and that Roon accepts and reads:

#EXTINF:301.4 PAPER CLIPS - Spring Of Dreams
.\4 Trombones With Masaru Imada - Spring Of Dreams.mp3
#EXTINF:96,ALESSANDRA RUFFINI - Léo Delibes: The Flower Duet (from ‘Lakmé’)
.\Alessandra Ruffini - The Flower Duet from Lakme.flac
#EXTINF:357,AMBROSE AKINMUSIRE - Mr. Roscoe (consider the simultaneous)
.\Ambrose Akinmusire - Mr. Roscoe (consider the simultaneous).flac
#EXTINF:134,ANDRE WILLIAMS - Sweet Little Pussy Cat
.\Andre Williams - Sweet Little Pussy Cat.wav
#EXTINF:483,ANDREW HILL - Subterfuge
.\Andrew Hill - Subterfuge.flac
.\Anette Askvik - April [LP].aiff
#EXTINF:258,AZAR LAWRENCE - Can’t Hide Love
.\Azar Lawrence - Can’t Hide Love.flac
#EXTINF:294,AZAR LAWRENCE - Canticle For The Universe
.\Azar Lawrence - Canticle For The Universe.flac

Thank you @noris, import is successful after roon 2.0 upgrade. I did nothing, it just started working.

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