MAC computer as a Roon endpoint?

Can I use a MAC computer as a Roon endpoint?

Probably, what model MAC?

At the moment I use a macbook dual core ( the latest before the Intel I5) with an SSD drive as Roon core, and the music on a Synology server. I don’t have a large library, but it works flawlessly, incl Tidal. Runs five end points.

A2013 Imac with a I5 processor and 8 go of ram

Yep, that will work fine.

Can you tel me how to set it up?

If you just want it to be a zone/endpoint: install RoonBridge for OSX from this page (scroll down a bit). A nice little Roon icon will appear in your menu bar to indicate it’s running. When clicking it, you can enable RoonBridge to autoload at every restart.

If you also want to control Roon at the same system, install ‘full fat Roon’ from the same page (simply called ‘Roon’) instead – and choose ‘I want to use this system as a Remote’ when first launching the app.

In both situations, you can activate/configure any available outputs on the Mac from any Remote you have.

Found the issue.