Mac M3U format playlists [fixed]

I apologise for not knowing Macs well. I have setup Roon Server on a Mac Mini with the music files on a USB drive. This drive is called Musica and the music is organised by Genre - Album Artist - Album - music files. On the PC I would create M3U playlists as D:\Genre\Album Artist\Album\music files and I have been told that for the Mac it must use /as a folder separator but no success with various permutations. Please would a Mac guru cut to the chase and tell me how to make a Mac M#U file work with a USB drive? Thank you.

You’re trying to import M3U files into Roon, or export?

To import, the M3U files will need to be saved in the same watched folder as the tracks in the playlist – right now we do not support M3U files that contain tracks spread across different watched folders.

Exporting of M3U files isn’t supported right now, but it could implemented in the future if there’s sufficient demand.

Thank you, Mike.
I wish to import the playlists which were created in a Windows environment. They are located in a folder at the same level as the genre folders containing my music files on a USB drive with the name Musica as in the example below.

The Windows formatted playlist entries are not recognised by Roon on the Mac even when I force a new synchronisation. I expect that Roon does find the playlist director but does not recognise the format of the items in the file.
I am told that the entries must use / not \ but I have not be successful with that. I was hoping that someone else might use a Mac with a USB drive and playlists in M3U format so that they could tell me what the playlist format looks like for a Mac. Is there a way of specifying the drive? Should I use …/Musica/…
Is that clear?

I solved by adding /volumes before /musica/…