Mac mini always on full cpu while running Roon


I have Roon running on my new Mac Mini all the time. Recently, I’ve noticed and heard the Mac fan is always on high, full throttle it seems.
Is this because of Catalina?
Any sugestions?

Hello @Bernard_Aubin,

Thanks for your report here. We have an active ticket with the dev team regarding this behavior and are actively investigating a few similar reports. I can’t comment on a timeline of when this investigation will be completed, but I have added your report as an additional data point. Thanks!

Thank you.
I have seen similar reports where DropBox is causing the high cpu usage but I do not have DropBox on my Mac.

Just updated something on the Mac from Apple and, the Mac isn’t going full throttle any more playing Roon.Not sure what happened!

Hi @Bernard_Aubin,

Do you recall what exactly you updated? Just to confirm - since updating something on your end, this issue went away? You screenshot seems to be the same one you posted in your first message.


Is there a way to check my Update history? I can’t find what update I pressed to make things work.
This screenshot shows Roon running at 10.9% CPU vs 289% previously.
Mac is silent once again.


Hi @Bernard_Aubin,

You should be able to see your OS update in System Report -> Software -> Installations. Does anything jump out at you? Perhaps the audio drivers were updated?


Here is the software update that made roon run quietly: see oct 25 update:

Now for the bad news: just updated Roon and it’s making the Mac run full CPU once again.
I’ll have to shut it down as the Mac is going crazy.

Hello @Bernard_Aubin,

We are aware of the high CPU usage issue on the Mac mini 2018 and are investigating a fix. In the meantime, when the Roon application gets into this state, a reboot of the machine should fix it.


It’s ironic that it was fixed by a random update then , after the new Roon update, restarted throttling.

Hi Roon,
Any news? I cannot use Roon anymore. It now is taking over 350% of my CPU.

I’m with you on this, started a thread re this on my MacBook Pro 2019. Not sure hot loud the fans get on the mac mini… on the MBP it’s unbearable to hear all the time and listening to music.

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Roon… Why the silence? I can’t use the software in over a month, the cpu is over 300% even with the new version.

Hi @Bernard_Aubin,

We are still looking into this behavior, but don’t have any updates to share at this time. We are trying to reproduce this behavior in-house but have not been able to so far, if you have any further patterns that you notice which trigger this behavior consistently please do let me know.

Thanks. I miss using Roon. Kinda wish i had not changed to Catalina.

Not sure why, did today’s update and… CPU running smoothly.

I can play Roon again.
Thanks so much.

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Rejoiced too soon.
Roon using over 300% of my CPU, Mac is gong nuts.
I have to close Roon once again.
Can I get a permanent solution?


Another data point for you. I have the same problem as soon as I updated Roon Client on my 2018 Mac Mini from 1.6 to 1.7. Never a problem on 1.6. Now 400% CPU by Roon whenever I start the app.

I have not tried rebooting yet, but it sounds like the problem comes back anyway. For reference, I’m still running Mojave, so it is not Catalina specific.

Any updates on this topic. My mac mini is also running 200% on the roonserver.

Mine has gone back to normal after the last (or second last) update; no issues anymore, Roon running at all times on the Mac.