Mac Mini High CPU

I’m having the same problem here. with latest ver. of macos and latest roon.

I am running roon on mac mini 2014 i5 4gram ver.

roon takes 120% cpu usage and eat all my 4g ram.

it makes me impossible to enjoy any music…

Hi @Zibei_Li,

Is there any change in behavior if you temporarily toggle your WiFi adapter on the Mac off/on? We are investigating this issue with QA, but we have found that toggling WiFi temporarily alleviates this behavior. Can you confirm the same?

Hi, i’ve tried to reboot my system, but whenever i turn roon software on, the cpu load immediately turned into 100% ish…

and i’ve tried switch wifi network into a wired one. Still the same situation.

hoping there is a solution can fix this.

will roon offer to download some old ver. software?
at least with pervious ver. software everything runs smooothly


and there is one extra situation i want to share here.

when this happened, the roon system can’t be controlled remotely. not on pc, not on iphone, basically the roon software on my mac mini is halt

just reinstalled system. same…

still very high cpu usage

Hi @Zibei_Li,

Downgrading versions of Roon is not supported, but we are investigating this behavior on the new build.

Is the behavior the same if you try using RoonServer to host the Roon Core? You can download RoonServer from our Downloads Page.

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installed roonserver instand of roon.

still same, very high cpu usage.

Hi @Zibei_Li,

Can you please use these instructions to access your Roon logs and provide a copy via Dropbox / Google /

I have seen several high CPU on Mac threads, and have just now checked on my own iMac Pro (18 Core + Vega 64 version). I never really noticed it before, since it didn’t make my system sluggish like it does for others reporting the issue. But Roon is consistently burning almost five cores on its own…

35267  Roon         384.5 55:17.16 107/6  2    595    285M   11M    0B    35266 1     running  *0[117]          0.00449
35278  RAATServer   99.9  15:57.50 11/1   1    144    28M    0B     0B    35266 35267 running  *0[1]            0.00000

My iMac Pro operates as a Roon Remote only. Further, there are NO audio endpoints on it, which makes RAATServer burning an entire core on its own seem odd, since it’s not actually handling any music. And RAATServer on my RPi4 RoPieee endpoint only uses like 2% CPU during playback… (The RAATServer.log on the Mac has nothing in it to suggest what it might be doing. It just has the about 35 lines of startup messages and then stops. Roon.log is also very sparse, with no error messages.)

Further, I have Roon Remote open on its own virtual display, and I’m not even on that display right now as I write this, so it has no visual surfaces to paint.

(OSX is 10.15.4 and Roon is B555 released earlier today. The Mac is connected via 10GBE, with Wi-Fi disabled.)

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Same for all Mac users: Roon 1.7 causing MacbookPRO 2018 to run fans at high speed
Check out your GPU usage, it will eventually be 100%: macOS Catalina interface laggy randomly while running Roon (High GPU usage randomly, Roon idle 20% GPU, sometimes up to 99% usage)

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same for me as reported last year, including that the problem persists whether I’m on wifi or cabled… come on Roon, can you please help us???

I’ve stopped using my Mac Mini (2012) as controller for a few weeks now - I also noticed excessive CPU which was turning the mac mini into a bit of a heater. Always run the latest version of mac OS and Roon.

Hello Everyone,

Please see Dylan’s update on this issue here:

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