Mac mini m1 headphone to toslink to nad 3050 le, no sound

Configuration: Roon Core on Mac Mini M1, server version, headless. Connected mini-headphone plug to Tosling optical adaptor from back of Mac Mini M1, to Optical In on NAD 3050 CE. No sound.

Can connect to NAD 3050 using AirPlay.

NAD BluOS module is hard-wired with Ethernet to router/modem.

MacMini M1 is hard-wired with Ethernet to router/modem.

However, when using BluOS controller, I get perfect sound on optical, when choosing optical.

Tried factory re-boot of NAD 3050 and reboot of Roon Core, and reboot of MacBook Intel i9 (used as remote controller), and reboot of iPhone 14 (used alternatively as remote controller.).

All components (NAD 3050, Roon Core, MacMini OS, are all up to date with latest versions of software).

Went into MacMini MIDI audio settings and ensured that audio source is external headphones.

Set at 48Khz, 2 channel, 32 bit.

When testing speakers sound throught Mac MIDI interface, test fails…no sound.

I stream Tidal most of the time.

Strange: again, works with BluOS controller, but not Roon.

Mac Mini M1 does not have an optical output in the headphone output jack as far as I know. My MacBook Pro M1 doesn’t either.

I have read similar…no optical output in headphone jack…but I cannot understand, then, why I get sound on the BluOS app when choosing optical output.

Can you double-check that NAD is actually playing from the optical input? Silly, but IIRC BluOS has a setting to switch to whatever input actually does get a signal…

Airplay is my guess, it’s on standby to accept an Airplay input.