Mac mini M1 - massive CPU & memory load over night

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this or if this is specific to my Mac Mini M1.
Running latest Roon software, when starting, the system reports ~10% CPU and around 800MB memory utilization.

When I come back the next day, the CPU is at ~200%, and memory steadily increases, usually at 2 Gig and counting.

This is even without anyone connecting to it to stream music (I use Tidal), so essentially idle.

I have to restart Roon to get the CPU to calm down, and for the memory to get back down to below 1Gig.

Anyone else see this? Any ideas on what might be going on here?

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I’ve found that Roon Server on a Mac mini will gradually increase the amount of RAM it uses, to the point where it becomes quite sluggish. For example, mine is currently using 6.25GB, and it’s noticeably slower than when first launched (when it’s using around 3.9GB).

That said, CPU usage remains fairly constant – currently using ~15% CPU streaming to one end point. Around 200%, assuming it’s not backing up or analysing any of your music files, is completely excessive, so I’d suggest you create a post in the #support section.

Curious, is the on an M1? Nothing like that on my i7 MacMini. Running most of the day and only at 1.75 GB, performance has not become sluggish playing local files. I have 8 endpoints and use DSP frequently running 2 or 3 endpoints simultaneously. Sometimes using Tidal or searching for non-local material can be slow but never local material.

I see nothing like this on my 16GB M1 Mac mini running macOS 12.3.1, HQPlayer Desktop 4.18.1, and Roon Server 1.8 (Build 936). The M1 Mac mini has an “uptime” of 11 days and the Roon server is using 2GB of RAM…

Based on what I’ve read on other threads I suspect that library size is a factor, i.e. larger libraries require more RAM. How many tracks do you have in yours? For comparison, I have ~200k.

I am sure your library is larger…but, the Roon server on my M1 Mac mini is not “gradually increasing the amount of RAM it uses”. It’s saying at 2GB.

The M1 in the Mac mini running Roon in emulation is faster than any Nucleus running Roon natively.

I can run Roon playing 2 zones, one with HQPlayer upsampling to DSD256, and Roon shows it using less than 30% of an Efficiency core while HQPlayer is using just under 400% or almost all of the processing power of the 4 Performance cores. Memory usage goes up a bit to 2.12GB.

The M1 Mac mini with 16GB of unified memory is a wonderful Roon server…it has run trouble free since the day it was setup.

Interesting. I restarted mine this morning and, over the space of the last hour, it’s gone up from 3.1 to 3.7GB. There may well be some value at which it tops out, but I’ve been restarting it when it gets to 6GB as it becomes sluggish at that point.

Very little. Mostly use Tidal.

Wanted to update the thread with a screenshot. I’ve had Roon running for 48 hours now, and came back to see the CPU at 437%.

Clearly, this is not normal, and it sounds like from others experience with the M1, that this may be an issue just on my Mac mini.

perhaps I should delete Roon and re-install?

Have the same problem, I have to re start Roon ever 24 hrs. Hope Roon becomes native M1 soon!

Are you running the Roon server app with no user interface? It would appear not as on my system the process is called “RoonServer” instead of “Roon”.

I have same problem. Was told to look at Physical memory which does not get as high.

no, regular Roon App

You might want to try the Roon Server app instead to see if that makes a difference…

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I’d also suggest trying Roon Server rather than the full Roon app. This KB article will walk you through it.

If you toggle WiFi on and then off it usually fixes the issue. It is believed that the issue could be related to the Mac’s T2 security chip. By the way it’s irrelevant whether you are connected by WiFi or Ethernet.

Dave, ok, I have installed RoonServer! I will monitor and see if this addressed the issue. thank you!

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I guess I am chopped liver…

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I apologize…you were definitely the OG on that one :wink:

I did not read up far enough. thanks all for the tips!


I was just playing around… @DaveN did give you the link to the instructions on how to make the switch!

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