Mac Mini M1 not seeing Schiit Jotenheim as an option - but it did yesterday

I did use a Time Machine backup when I initially setup the M1. But I have since deleted and reinstalled Roon and all related folders (that I know of) at least three times. Does that still make a difference?

Hello @Bryan_McElhaney,

Can you please access your Roon Database Location and send us a set of your RAATServer folder logs? If you can upload these logs to a Dropbox / Google Drive link, this would be the easiest way, but if you don’t have any file sharing services just let me know and I can provide one.

Actually I swapped out the Intel Mac mini (Core machine) for a SonicTransporter i5. And everything works flawlessly now. The M1 mini (remote) now sees my desktop DAC and all is good. I don’t know what the problem was or why switching core machines solved it, but all is good now and I’m a happy camper. I highly recommend the SonicTransporter i5 to all seeking a solution who don’t want to mess with anything (like a Mac mini or Intel NUC…) Truly plug and play. Was instantly seen by every Roon controller on the network and has performed with zero issues.


Hi @Bryan_McElhaney,

Thanks for letting us know that using a different Core sorted this issue out!
If you have any further difficulties or questions regarding Roon, just let us know!

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