Mac Mini M1, Qobuz, Track not available, Too many failures

Roon Core Machine

Apple Mac Mini M1 with 8GB RAM (2020 model), Apple OS version 12.4
Roon version 1.8 build 970

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hardwired core machine to Ethernet switch. Some music files on a synology NAS connected to switch in my office. Cable modem > Home router > 16-port switch in my den.

Connected Audio Devices

Mac Mini core is connected to Cambridge 851N for my loudspeaker setup over a USB connection.
My headphone setup is connected via a RoPieeeXL network transport (hardwired ethernet) which serves to my Chord Qutest then to my amp

Number of Tracks in Library

784 tracks

Description of Issue

When attempting to play a track/album after navigating to a album and either hitting play next to the individual track or the large play now button up by the album artwork the following error pops up

“This track is not currently available from Qobuz”
“Too many failures. Stopping Playback”

I have attempted to restart the core computer. I have attempted to sign out of Qobuz in Roon and login again. I have attempted to log out of Roon account and log into it again.

This error message happens anytime I try and play a track by my Qobuz music provider. Local NAS files play fine from my networked storage via Roon to both my loudspeaker and headphone setup, showing it is not a issue with Roon it has to do with some Qobuz issue. It is regardless of track on Qobuz I could navigate to any album on their index and it will not play.

Issue not resolved. Help would be appreciated.

I am actually very stupid. There was a glitch with my payment method I did not update to a new card so it was not able to process this month’s monthly subscription through Qobuz. So I updated the payment info and re-subbed and now I think everything is fine.

Also would like to thank the developers who built this new version 970 it now does not crash at all on my Mac Mini M1 which was a problem with the last version. Thanks roon <3

You are not stupid; you are human. Can’t help but admit most of my problems with my equipment and playback are caused by user error.

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