Mac mini running Windows or MacOS

I have a Mac Mini 2014 i5 dual core with ssd and 8GB RAM.

Should I prefer installing Windows with Bootcamp and run the Roon Core on Windows or will MacOS be enough?

My archive consists of 700 hundred albums and about 8600 tracks. One third is DSD and the rest is FLAC mostly hirez

You’ll be fine running macOS.

Once you double your album count and add an extra zero to it, you may want to consider switching

Hmmm… In what way would Windows be a better operating system for Roon Core when album count goes over 14.000?
Atb Mike

I think that we both know that it wouldn’t.

Here’s why.

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^^ What @philr said.

@Chris_Ellison: it’s OK not to know, but spreading incorrect info is not helping anyone, least of all the topicstarter.

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It may have been worth you linking to the knowledgebase item in the first place if you were aware of it as helping to spread this information is important.

Interesting read though for the people with 50-100k albums on remote storage.