Mac mini server settings [Resolved]

@support I am having trouble with remotes accessing the Core after long periods. Perhaps it just takes a bit to get the Mac mini out of sleep? There have been multiple threads with iOs devices having trouble seeing the core. Other devices / apps accessing the mini connect quickly. Roon is sluggish, and then stays connected fine.

What are the preferred settings for running a headless Mac mini?

  1. If Roon is set to launch on startup, do I need to log in to a user account?
  2. Should the Mini be set to NOT sleep? Seems a power waste in the evenings.
  3. Is setting up a static IP preferred?

Thank you,


Any client server should not be sleeping if you expect to have instantaneous connections. Roon Bridge or roon server will both run at startup if selected to do so (right click on the bar icon) - I think I opt to have a single account sign in automatically. I typically setup a fixed IP for my servers and non mobile devices, but roon should work fine with dhcp settings too.

Thank you. Indeed this seems to be the case after some tests. Note to Roon, these maybe need to be called out in the documentation. As soon as I checked off going to sleep, it worked. Hard drive sleep is OK, but not the machine. Also, on MacOS, the server does not run unless it’s logged in under a user account. Hope this helps others.