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Description Of Issue
My 2012 Mac Mini had died. I am told I can only get a 2 TB drive and my music takes up more space than that.

Can I set up Roon to get music from an external drive?

I have 2tb ssd’s connected to Mac mini by thunderbolt. Works great.

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So Roon can store the music on the SSD and access it there ? Wired thru

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I use iTunes to store the music there and point Roon at the folders.

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I use homeplugs and Ethernet

That’s what I have been doing on my Mac Mini until it dies this week. I had 3TB of memory in the Mac Mini. I downloaded music, got iTunes to “add them” and had Roon pointed to iTunes library. So if I got a new Mac Mini with 2 TB drive and had iTunes sore the music on the external drive this would work?

That’s what mine does. Mac mini with ssd internally for programmes, hard drive externally for music storage on thunderbolt

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So my Mac store just recommended the following configuration. What do you think?

Custom Mac mini with upgrades 2TB SSD (this is not a standard build) - takes Apple 2-6 weeks to build and ship from Shanghai

  • 16GBs of RAM - not an absolute must-have but sets you up if you need it down the road - you could have this installed later too

  • External 4TB hard-drive with Thunderbolt 3 (super fast)

I see no problems with that. Don’t want to be rude but why do you need such a big internal ssd if you are storing most of your data externally? Just trying to save you money.

Good point

What type/model ssd do you have? Does it cause much heat? Also how many gb of RAM do yu have ? Basic is 8 but thinking 16 might be safer over time?

I’m not at home but I’m sure it’s crucial ssd?
8gb ram and Iv never had any issues but like you said 16 may future proof.

No heat, it’s in a caddy with a fan but I have never heard the fan switch on.

My understanding is that Roon itself should be on an SSD (solid state drive) which are fast but expensive - the music itself can be on a standard hard disk, and external is fine - the faster the connection the better in general, so Thunderbolt 3 ideal. External doesn’t need to be an SSD. Internal should be but the smallest you can find in a Mac will be ample… Have the OS and Roon on there, and you’re good to go,. Can then add other external disks as needed. Or even a NAS, I’d guess (you can run Roon on just a NAS but many are not powerful enough to do it well). If you’re buying it just for Roon, then looking at a NAS with appropriate spec may give you much more storage and enough processing power for less money.

Thank You - very helpful

Thank You very helpful

I’ve had two Mac Minis that were used almost exclusively for music storage and playback. The first lasted nine years (though I still have it!), the second has been going for five.

I always max out the RAM, as that gives it a bit more longevity. And I use an external hard drive for the music library. And a second external for backups.

If I were buying today, I’m not sure I’d get the second external, as there is probably a cloud-based solution that would be fine.

I leave them on all the time and rarely use a mouse/keyboard/screen with them, using apps on my iPhone to control iTunes (prior to Roon) or Roon.

Thank You. What size internal drive to you have and what size/type external?

Externals are 4 TB G Drives. I’m not sure what the internal is, but probably a 1TB SSD.

What brand/model are the 4 TB?