Mac Mini WOL-help please

Hey. I am about to move form LMS to Roon. Very excited.

I am setting up a mac mini to run Roon. I have read repeatedly that there is no WOL function that will wake the mini from sleep mode. Obviously, I would love that functionality. I have read several posts on this and they all seem a bit old I was wondering whether this issue has been resolved and if so, how?

If this has been answered, sorry, I searched for it and couldn’t find it.

Thanks for the help.

Why would you let your mini sleep at all? I have set up mine to never sleep and that works great plus stabilizes temperature.

I would like it to sleep to save energy.

So far nothing has been announced or confirmed on the WOL-front for or from Roon.

For now you can have your client send a magic packet before starting Roon Remote. What remote do you use?

My mini arrives Wednesday. I am just trying to anticipate issues.

I intend to use the room Remote on my iPad and iPhone. Will they “send a magic packet”?

You’ll need a separate Wake-on-LAN app for now. Just query the App store for ‘WOL’ – you’ll find plenty (free) apps that basically do the same. :slight_smile:

My go-to app is Fing: the swiss army knife for network-related stuff. It’s free and does WOL (and lots of other useful stuff).

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Thanks, i will try Fing

Where do i download Fing? The mini?

On your iPhone & iPad.

Fing basically scans your network for devices. From the list, you pick your mini and choose ‘Wake-on-Lan’, which sends the magic packet to wake your mini from its beauty sleep.

Excellent, thanks much.

Understood, but when in sleep mode the power supply is still on and thus the power saving is minimal. The idle consumption of a newer mini is about 6W. Plus having the machine turn on and off will shorten it’s life.

Your choice obviously but frankly a detrimental hassle in my opinion.

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Hmmmm, intersting Miguel. I will give that some thought.

Thanks Rene for the FING app tip. Downloaded it to the iPad and am tinkering with it. Looks promising. :grinning:

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I use my headless Mac Mini as a DLNA server as well and while the Mini would wake, it wouldn’t stay awake. Once I connected a Kill-A-Watt and monitored its power consumption for a while, it turned out to be so low that I gave up and left it set to never sleep.


Sounds like leaving it ones the way to go.

BTW, my mini comes Wednesday. I will be attaching a 2tb Seagate drive with my music on it. That drive goes to sleep when it is not in use. When I am using Roon, will it automatically wake up?

Yes, it will. :slight_smile:

Great. I really appreciate the help. I am trying to figure out all the potential issues in advance so that i have fewer problems when I se things up. Thanks again.

I run 3 of 5 (yeah I like them) macmini’s awake all the time…all SSD boot drives and 2 are running Roon bridge and have spinning drives that one day I might remove (both server setups physically but not running server) and another that is running non Roon related needs. I do recall checking a long time back and power usage was minimal as noted…I might check my latest MM late 2014 and see what’s going in the power department with that…also SSD converted. They all run headless but do have a display connection in place. I manage it with screensharingmenulet or teamviewer if I am outside my network.

I don’t recall ever having a mini fail on me and I have taken mine apart many times too…even my old 2009 MMServer is still going despite some physical HDD fails.

The mini is a great Roon Bridge unit if you don’t like or find raspberry pi a bit challenging. And much much better than using ATV streaming. Into a DAC via USB or optical or line out (ymmv) but for serious Roon connection I prefer a higher end option with the PS Audio ds DAC Junior - not cheap but sounds great.

@Paul_Chatfield, i dont understand. Are you referring to the connection type, the DAC or the MacMini?

Agree on the power saving, no point in letting a SSD equipped MacMini slip into a coma. Besides, some people claim that power saving features are detrimental to audio quality! There, i said it… Now burn me at the stakes… :wink:

@John_Culver: what kind of storage device does your new mini have? (SSD makes a big difference running the Roon database, compared to a spinning or hybrid disk).