Mac previously core server now just want to set as remote

The Roon app on my Mac was initially the core server. I then added a SonicTransporter to work as the core and just use Roon on my my Mac as a remote. However, when I get the occasional ‘choose core’ it still gives me the option of the Mac - is it possible to remove the previous core setup and consistently run my Mac as just a remote?

If you want to start completely clean on the mac, you can exit Roon on the mac, remove or move aside the Database Folder, and start up again.

Note that if you do this, it will delete all data associated with the core install on the mac.

If you just want it to stop behaving as a core without deleting anything, select the mac as a core, then go into Settings->Account and choose “Log Out”. This will stop it from behaving as a core until you log in again on the mac.