Macbook pro 2021 Roon app Tidal streaming max 48 kHz

I am running the Roon app on a 2021 Macbook pro 16" and Focal Utopia headphones straight into the output jack of the Macbook pro.

I subscribe to Tidal Masters. But in the roon app I can not get anything to play above 48 kHz. As far as I can understand, the Macbook pro DAC should be able to play 96 kHz. I have searched for settings for MQA decoding in the Roon 2 app, but cant find anything besides the preference for MQA.

What am I missing?

This has the instructions you’ll need:

Play high sample rate audio on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Mac Studio - Apple Support

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You are using the OS mixer. If you go to Roon > Settings > Audio, and enable CoreAudio for the Mac. This will provide bit perfect output.

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