Macbook pro M1 cant add external Hard disk

my new macbook pro M1 cant add my external hard disk as folder.
tryed all i found here, nothing works.
hard disk (seagate backup) is full useable on the macbook. (driver Host-Controller: AppleT6000USBXHCI)
What can i do?

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I’d like to help, as I also have a M1 macbook pro. But I’m confused, the disk mounts and is seen by the finder, right?

If so, the path to the mount point is /Volumes/. Is that not what you are looking for? IF it’s a roon core thing (I run my core on a rock, so I am not sure), could you mount it the old fashioned unix way?

maybe something like this:

*plug drive in
umount /Volumes/
mkdir musicMountPoint
mount_exfat /dev/ musicMountPoint

Then when you CD into that directory, you are actually on the external disk.


now using paragon kernel extension roon works with NTFS HDD.